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5* Review on Amazon "This truly is a life-changing book and one of the best I've ever read.I feel like a different person after reading Jo’s masterpiece, someone who is more open to love and more accepting of myself and others, and now I’m able to transfer all that I have learned into my own life and personal relationships.

This is a must-read for anyone, particularly if you feel a little stuck or confused with your life and your personal interactions. The Big Book Of Love will guide you and enlighten you into a life that is full of love, happiness and healthy independence." The Big Book Of Love

5* Review on Amazon "entertaining, honest, reflective, perceptive and easy to read and understand; if you need a little help in this area, and / or a little motivation and re-alignment then get on it, again and again..." The Big Book of Love

5* Review on Amazon: "This book is perfect for anyone wishing to delve into love - pursue their power through loving themselves and reflect that back into the world and have intimate loving relationships. Jo Warwick has superb insight and reading her book is like having a conversation with her. Be prepared to be inspired!" The Big Book Of Love

5* Review On Amazon: "This book is written from the heart for the heart. It is wonderful for untangling our relationship with ourselves and others.The author is frank and honest with her own life lessons and this makes you feel really at ease. It has really helped me to find the love within myself which in turn has really helped my relationships on all levels. A wonderful book to help set you free from self doubt and fears."

5* Review on Amazon: "This wonderful book is literally an encyclopaedia about LOVE.  It covers the topic of love from all angles; parenting, dating, connecting with love, allowing ourselves to receive love and more.  For anyone desiring more love in their life I highly recommend this book.  It's definitely a resource that can be read more than once and referred to at different times in our lives. I also appreciated the personal stories that the author so graciously shared - it really added a sincerity to the ideas presented. “

5* Review On Amazon: "Wonderfully written. Jo Warwick instantly takes you on a journey into LOVE and her style is so warm and personable... it’s like she is there with you! Full of wonderful insight I’ve found this easy to read, thought provoking and full of relevant guidance. Since reading it I’ve found myself dipping back into different sections at different times. I don’t often write reviews but I LOVE this book and would absolutely recommend it to others."

*2020 2nd Edition - Out Now To Buy!