#1 Relationship Time-Waster Every Woman Needs To Know!


Are you ATTRACTED to the unavailable ( emotionally or physically absent) or wounded man?

Or perhaps the difficult relationship where you seem to put in so much more than you receive? 

Then its time to reclaim THE LOVE into your love-life" 

The #1 biggest relationship time-waster every woman needs to avoid can feel like 'normal' behaviour, even if it's not right, healthy or even fun for us, because of how we've been conditioned to see and understand LOVE...

We can get lost wasting not just our precious time, but our energy too focusing where LOVE IS NOT PRESENT, instead of where LOVE is...


Most likely you were taught as a child to BE A  GOOD GIRL, well behaved, polite, kind and acceptable, if not by parents, grandparents or teachers etc.

So for a long time, you did as you were told, doing you're best to please and fulfil someone else's idea of good because naturally, you wanted to make them happy!

Now even though you're an adult and now have total freedom to make your own choices, yet your perception of LOVE and relationships will be founded on this training and you can find yourself still acting out from it through habit and not choice!

So instead of knowing what feels right to you and your greatest joy, you will be attracted to seeking acceptability that you are good enough for someone else to be with.

Focused on do they like me, instead of asking are they right for me?

It is this 'Being Good' conditioning which can lead you towards where ‘love isn’t' instead of where Love is!


When love and approval are dolled out based on perceived goodness it's a conditional and limited form of love, dependent on ideals of;

  • Behaviour,
  • Looks
  • Words/speech
  • Manner
  • Ability to fit into someone else's mould of who they think we should be...

All forms of LOVE is an energy that we exchange and flow and this is a restrained and lacking resource of energy.

It's like trying to fill a glass with only drips of water from your tap -- it's basically NOT ENOUGH!

So it is not easily given by others who are trying to control the flow and so you have to keep working hard for more to prove your worthy of receiving what's available.

This creates a scarcity belief about Love and that having a successful relationship takes fitting in and being acceptable!

The result is that we stop knowing what and who feels good, healthy and right for our greatest joy and happiness personally. So we stop trusting our own judgement!

Unconditional free-flowing Love that naturally feels easy, joyful and abundant now feels wild, scary and can even feel wrong because it can't be trusted!


As we close down and unavailable to accepting the easiness of relationships and the unfolding of Love, we will be attracted to unavailable men and limited relationships.

It is a self-fulfilling behaviour where we must work hard and give all of ourself to create a sense of false value and strive to prove our goodness or that we are good enough...

We put in so much more effort to make it work, yet we will never be accepted as good (enough) and the relationship will ALWAYS fail, no matter how much time, energy or effort we put in - for its missing the glue that makes relationships successful.

*LOVE is not present - this is not `UNCONDITIONAL free-flowing abundant *LOVE.

Just like the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella doing whatever it takes ( including cutting off their own toes) to make their feet fit the shoe and get the prince!


You can stop wasting time and energy on where LOVE isn't ( conditional Love is not LOVE!) trying to make it good enough for you - and scrabbling for those drips of water!

Instead, you can override your childhood Good Girl conditioning and reclaim Unconditional LOVE and shift focus to where LOVE is present!

  1. Firstly you need to know that LOVE is a UNIVERSAL ENERGY!
  2. Secondly, that all relationships are like a three-way electrical circuit between you, the other person and LOVE which is the flowing connection between you both...the energy circuit.
  3. You have your own internal connection to the UNIVERSAL energy of *LOVE which is highlighted by your emotions and it is abundant ever-flowing and constantly available to you - without conditions!

It's through your inner connection to LOVE that you tap into your own internal LOVE GPS - a guidance system that seeks out, guides and shows the way to your highest good and joy.

It can be your most trusted guide to what is right and abundant in LOVE for you in your relationships if you first learn how it works and then choose to trust it - for this is truly trusting in yourself!

Your relationship with LOVE is what matters most and is the key to success in your LOVE-LIFE!

If you want LOVE, men and relationships to be available to you, you must focus where it really is  - without conditions and be available to it!



If you're seeking MORE LOVE because you desire to;

*Feel happy being YOU every day!

*Attract & date YOUR RIGHT LOVER with ease & grace using The Law Of Attraction!

*Improve a current relationship for more joy, fun, intimacy & communication!

*Have a stronger connection to The Universe, Big LOVE, spirituality and your intuition...


Much Love

Jo xx

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