Hi! I'm Abi, I'm 33 years old and working with Jo, I discovered a new me.


I grew up in a religious family and had an unhealthy relationship with my parents, as a result,

I lost my voice and looked to please in everything I did or even thought. All these blockages led me to serious health issues from an early age.

I ended up involved in unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Where I was trying to control and manipulate their feelings for me by being a "perfect" and "lovable" wife, sacrificing my true self even more in the attempt to feel loved.

But this pattern only led me to never really feel truly loved by any men. 

These relationships only highlighted all the things that were wrong within myself! 

I ended up developing depression, PTSD, anxiety, agoraphobia, eating disorders and more physical illness. 

After my 3rd breakup I was determined to change the unhealthy pattern, and fix my life from the inside out.


I received further therapy, read books, paid dating and life coaches and learnt loads about self care and relationships --

But I was still craving some deeper healing and practical guidance.

This is when I came across Jo and her book "The Big Book of Love 2".

I read her book twice in a week.

Although at that time I disagreed with many things, yet at the same time I felt very drawn to her thoughts and teachings.

I suddenly started craving a spiritual connexion again when she opened my mind to a bigger picture.

I booked a strategy call and knew she was the ONLY one that could help me. She was the answer to my silent prayers!

Jo helped me heal at all levels: spiritually, physically, mentally, sexually, financially emotionally...

I just wanted to fix myself and feel deeply and consistently happier and free from any baggage that could mess a future relationship again.

I didn't really want to find a husband or partner yet...

But I'm glad I enrolled in the "Big Soul Partner Programme", because I was so closed off to the idea of finding a man, so fearful and against it, that those walls were affecting all others aspects of my life. 

This programme, the one I didn't want, was the right one for me, and the Universe knew that. 

Despite my resistance, I did the work and with LOADS of support from Jo, I started trusting and accepted the option of finding a soul partner, even got to love the idea!

It was then when all the pieces started falling into place and true healing started happening at all levels.

I realised that all the resistances I had towards romantic love and relationships were resistances against ALL kinds of Love and LOVE itself. 


Thanks to the programme, my relationships are richer, deeper, more intimate and more yummi.

I never thought I could develop such deep friendships!

My life gained DEPTH! Food is not just food, a walk at the beach is not just a walk...

Everything has a very deep spiritual connection now, like Im in a conversation with the Universe!.


In this programme I learnt how to manage my anger, my emotions, my thoughts, how to look after myself, how to set boundaries and how to deeply love myself. 

Thanks to this course, I AM NEVER ALONE NOW.

I discovered a spiritual realm on Earth I was blinded to.

It's like wearing glasses for the 1st time!

I discovered miracles, unconditional love, peace and harmony at all levels of my life.

I also discovered many different facets of my personality, many layers to my feminine energy, and many voices within me.

I really cant believe I could love myself anymore than I do now!

The relationship I had with myself was so superficial and negative before!


Everything really is about pleasure and joy in life and I didn't even know that!

It's like seeing colours I couldn't see before and hearing words I couldn't hear before.

My life went from feeling numb, dull and muffled to being bright, intense and profound.

I thought I was happy before.... but I was like listening to music on a cassette when now, I'm right on the stage in a concert with the best high-end music system. 

I learnt to surrender and stop being so perfectionist and controlling. To just lean back and appreciate the love around me and the blessings I receive.

I learnt to put myself first, to create boundaries and to speak my truth. 

I learnt to listen to my true self and not to all those voices from others that had been moulding my life and actions.

Jo's programme helped me to get to know myself in a way no other therapy had ever allowed me to.

Jo helped me find love, true love, unconditional love, deep love, meaningful love, self love, endless love, delicious love.

It all comes from within, the relationship I created with myself, with the universe and the way I live and experience life and the wonderful things in it.

Because of this, I know that when my man arrives this time there will be no pattern of desperately seeking validation, but true, sincere, and infinite love.