ABOUT Jo Warwick

I am an expert in LOVE...

It started with healing me and my life, and then lead me to help thousands of men and woman, like you, around the world have LOVE in Abundance as the fuel to their life, partnered by the Law of Attraction. Psychologist, Relationship Therapist & Spiritual Energy Healer, Teacher and Author. As well as a business entrepreneur and former professional sportswoman.

My path has been windy and very full, and yet it has always lead me to where I am meant to be. I've had a lot of fun along the way and learnt a few things that I am passionate about sharing.

It all started because I wanted to know how to feel safe and secure in the world and then have an abundant, successful life fuelled by love - without the fear and guilt, I felt for thriving. In the end, I wrote down the tools and information I'd learnt and now speak about, so it may help and guide others towards succeeding in their life, their way too.

I adore seeing someone transform as they open up to the LOVE they deserve in all aspects of their life and see its ABUNDANCE manifested daily as they move into a deeper LOVE relationship with the UNIVERSE, themselves and their life.

WE ALL WORTHY AND DESERVE LOVE IN ABUNDANCE & A LIFE WE ARE IN LOVE WITH ( Full of ease, appreciation, joy, fun, prosperity, connection etc)

My Gifts

Born highly attuned to the frequency of Energy, high vibration and resistance to its abundant flow. I can both see, feel and hear the energy and speak Divine Light Language ( the language of pure LOVE). Together with my gifts ( through speaking and writing) offer healing and core resolution and raise vibrations in others and guide them to high vibrational living in LOVE & ABUNDANCE  - ease and grace, joy and fun, as a co-creator with the Divine and the UNIVERSE.


Travel, Personal Development, Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy, LOA

For six years I wrote for a number of personal development and inspirational sites, as well as contributing to other books, magazines and professional therapeutic journals. Writing and language has been a life long passion and in 2016 I published my first book.

Professional Therapeutic Articles

The Mind Body Link

Smothering  - The Silent Abuse

I started with these professional articles and then as began to contribute as a blogger. Here are just a few of the personal development sites I I wrote for;

  • The Mind Unleashed
  • Huffington Post
  • Tiny Buddha
  • Pick The Brain
  • Dumb Little Man
  • The Change Blog
  • The Bold Life
  • Live Bold & Bloom
  • Having Time
  • The Bridge Maker
  • Firepole Marketing
  • Wild Woman
  • The Coffee Break

I have combined my life’s work and personal experiences to write 3 books so far; 

1) 'The Big Book Of Love - Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships',

2) A Life More Travelled - From Fear To Adventure'

3) 'The Path of Success  - A Guide To Winning At Life'

My Life

I live by the sea in Cornwall with Faith my dog and surrounded by people who love me and me them, and doing things that I really enjoy. I am a sun lover, an explorer and traveller, a dancer, singer, hiker, snowboarder, animal lover and belly laugher. I adore being outside and I believe in the joy of life and that the world is a giant beautiful and magical playground to explore, experience and share and I am determined to fly every way I can...