About Jo

Born energy healer & former Olympic Trainee/Professional Sportswoman, turned Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist, Author, Law Of Manifesting Expert and High Performance Coach & Biz Consultant. For over two decades I’ ve guided visionary individuals, leaders, healers & entrepreneurs to create their ideal life experience. By collapsing negative limited mental/emotional belief patterns, templates & energetic vibrations to instead to claim their truth and manifest & embrace next-level growth, abundance, love, freedom and success aligned with their unique soul desires & life brand - live life on their terms!

Why? My whole life I have been using the Law of Attraction to get what I desire & feels good to me! Which has included renting an apartment for 6 years overlooking the sea in luxury area, travelling the world, buying property, cars etc, living in cities, mountains etc. Mixing with celebrities, Royalty & winning competitions. I have built 4x successful business of my own. Mainly though it has helped me to heal & feel secure, loved & adored no matter what happens in my life!

My Books

Although it took a while to discover my voice and what I really wanted & needed to say, teach and share through workshops, programmes, podcasts and books.

The Big Book Of Love - Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships ( now on its second edition & available in audio form too)

 A Life More Travelled - From Fear To Adventure!

I Am My Best Client!

I have been my greatest client healing my past sexual and emotional abuse, spiritual Good Girl & poverty conscious programming, relationship sabotaging patterns, lack of self worth and shifted vibration and increased positive consistent manifesting results to freedom, joy, self value & self love, abundance, success & adventures.

Above all I am now Soul - led and have deep faith in myself, life and the Divine Universe!

But lets be clear I am still learning, evolving and growing ... and it will never end!

Working With Me

My wealth of experience and knowledge means that unlike many other coaches I work on a DEEP core level combining the psychological, behavioural, physical, sexual and spiritual for a truly holistic and powerful approach with fast transformative results and teach manifesting & empowered alignment tools that last a lifetime!