All We Are Is Energy, Meeting Energy!

🌟 All We Are Is Energy! Not good, not bad – just pure CREATIVE ENERGY⚡️ that must keep flowing forward…
A constant vibrating bunch of cells – ALIVE with Energy. The ⚡️Universal Creative Energy of Life forming into a body to host our Soul which is pure energy, flowing ❤️LOVE energy in motion (emotions) through us!


Energy that flows like water💦, vibrates hotter and faster like molecules in boiling water🔥 or slows down to ice 🥶 depending on what we do with it…


Wellbeing is the alignment of this energy to the highest free-flowing speed and momentum (frequency) possible in every moment, so we feel GOOD and always finding the path of least resistance!


Empowerment is to be both the focused embodiment of this ⚡️Energy and be able to flow it freely. To Love freely, to create freely, to speak and dance and express freely, to experience life freely — without hindering conditions.


When our ⚡️Energy cannot flow freely and abundantly through our cells, blood, bones, skin, breath, gut and digestive system, sexual system, brain and cognitive system.

😳 As a result, we become depleted in energy, like flat tyres or deflated balloons which results in stiffness, illness, mental or physical dis-ease and disempowerment. 😭

The Flow of ⚡️Energy from the Universe, to us, through the body, and out into the world has become CLOGGED UP!

It needs the debris to be broken down, removed & released (like being constipated) by higher-vibrational ( higher -dimensional) energy – ❤️BIG LOVE — just enough for it to clear the way and to build momentum, pressure and warm up!


Blockages such as, unreleased childhood/ teenage emotional trauma 🤬 and heartbreak 😭 that has built up negative, and resistant belief patterns that have created STICKY sections in the mind and body!
Especially in the womb, yoni, stomach, intestines and bowel areas, resulting in IBS, food sensitivity and difficulties in releasing waste.
Hindrances from too many toxins and chemicals in food and medication and not enough good MOVEMENT.
Dehydration from a lack of pure water💦 and too much sugar and caffeine.


We are never truly stuck, even if we may feel and seem in this moment that we weighed down, because we are ONLY ENERGY⚡️ — and Energy⚡️ never dies, it only transforms!
With the right tools we can UNCLOG the physical, and spiritual energetic pipes, replenish the resources and the rest will naturally follow…
We bubble up and become buoyant 🌈 in our emotional state with more and more energy as we begin to feel stronger, vibrant, confident, positive and attractive — and above all secure, loved and healthy! Empowered and aligned in WellBeing!
This is quantum & natural law physics! ❤️ The SECRET to every aspect of your life succeeding!
As the Law Of Attraction reflects the speed, vibration, momentum and abundance of this FLOW of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual energy through your being ( as well as the blockages)
If you wish to get the right help with Divine Guidance to release the blockages of the past and embrace your Wellbeing and Feminine Empowerment and see your life upgrade as a result of this greater abundance of Free-Flowing Energy!
Much Love
Jo xx