Shrinking To Fit & Playing Small. Step Into Your Next Level Abundance

Are You Shrinking To Fit And Playing Small?

Shrinking to fit to what no longer serves you – hurts you!

Returning home after you have been on holiday can be uncomfortable and heres why…

When you go on holiday you finally allow yourself to relax, slow down and expand into your full self and true desires…

You allow yourself to be completely free, real and full of joy!

Then when you return home —–  only one things changes and that is YOU!

🔥You come face to face with the limited way you have been previously living, loving and showing up everywhere in your life, like a giant slap!

Instead of owning & accepting the uncomfortable pain of your previous shrink wrapped life, which is clearly showing what you need to do differently…instead you begin to shrink to fit into it again!

You shrink your mindset, you shrink your energetic presence…

So you can put yourself back in the box of limitations instead of growing beyond and making changes!

And just like trying to shrink yourself fit into clothes or shoes that don’t fit YOU!

– its uncomfortable, not because you are wrong or bad but because you are trying to be TOO small for who you are and how you are made.



This week I have returned home from my holidays

I did have to face some deeply uncomfortable truths, where I’ve been playing small in my business. However this is what I have done to use that awareness, expand my energetic field, and move beyond into next level abundance and NOT shrink back!

1)Firstly, each day I felt all of it and used that pain to drive me forward to step up and step into the life I want to live daily now and in the future until it began to transmute and beings to materialise.

I am not prepared to SHRINK to fit anything that is not for my greatest good and highest joy!

2) Secondly, I have celebrated.

I looked to deeply enjoy the pleasure that already exists in my life, in my home, in my city, with my friends and on my own – so I can see and appreciate how RICH my life already is and be nourished & supported by it.

For my life to be BETTER I have to be willing to be the one to change and accept nothing less than BETTER every day.


What I got most clear about is the next level direction of my coaching business and this is what I want and will be focusing on:

Supporting visionary women who want to Quantum Leap into a Wealthier future with better Money programming.

🔥Women are no longer prepared to play small and settle for the status quo of getting by and living in financial anxiety

– because they fully accept this aspect of their lives has caused them pain and strife, even if they have managed to create some money.

They are no longer willing to accept fearful wealth programming because they can see that it has negatively impacted their health, their relationships, their business etc and they are finally saying NO MORE…

Instead, they will do what it takes to bring their dreams of financial Security, Freedom and greater Choice into their physical reality and lock in and activate a New Wealth template & programme.

Are you with me?

I hope this resonates with your soul and that you are the kind of woman who is no longer prepared shrink herself either!

🔥Remember each time a wonderful women rises up and claims her power and financial freedom and independence it is a win for ALL of us.

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Jo xoxo