Authentic Day #1

Aligning To HER without Wrongness

✅ What Does Your Authenticity Feel Like?

✅ Grounding Into Yourself Exercise!

✅ What Really Is Authenticity & Why We Need It!

✅ Connecting with your inner HER!

✅ Why You Self Sabotage Your Authenticity!

Journal Prompt Homework:

👉If I was already living 10x more aligned with my AUTHENTIC HER, aligned with my own freedom life brand, no longer afraid of my “wrongness demons” and now trusted myself & HER that everything in my life was for my greatest benefit to lead me on my unique, overflowing, joyful, abundance journey of life …

👉how would I now feel about me?
👉how would I now show up everyday - everywhere ?
👉what would be my new belief about myself - I would know & accept — no matter what is happening in my life ( good or bad perceptions)

📣Drop all answers, insights, questions in the group 👇