Authentic Day #2

Slaying The Demons & Claiming HER!

✅ Deepest Fear To Being The Fullness Of Authentic HER

✅ Energetic Unhooking Exercise

✅ Step 1: Facing Your Inner Demons Hindering Abundant Alignment

✅ Step 2: Laying Powerful HER Tracks For Success

Journal Prompt Homework: Trusting your HER!

When living from your HER? What if there is no right or wrong - successful or failure - big or small but in fact every step or action you take leads to a win, a benefit, an upgrade and stepping stone to your greatest joy & expansion ?

👉 What does your Freedom LIFE Brand look like /feel like ?
👉 What does your HER do ?
👉 What does she say ?
👉 How does she approach daily and inspired action ?
👉 How does feel about excitement/ joy/ growth/passion/ease?
👉 What does she want for you?
👉 What is her greatest excitement ?

📣Drop all answers, insights, questions in the group 👇