Authentic Day #3

Building Faith & Trust Muscles For You/HER!

✅ Overcoming Lack & Limitations By Building Trust & Faith Muscles

✅ Energetic Mirror Meditation Exercise - Connecting With HER!

✅ Step 3: Playing The Game Of Life With Your Authentic Key

✅ Step 4: Upgrading & Increasing Your HER resources for Success!

✅ Check out the next steps & FAQ below

Special Launch Offer: Becoming HER!  - Community Programme - full details below.

Your Right Next Steps:

✅ Watch ALL of the replays again …because we only ever receive & hear 40% of what is said in any training!

✅ Use the journal prompts to go deeper and ask yourself WHY!

Also Explore;

  • What do you really want NOW … moving forward I your life?
  • And what change to you want to occur in YOU and in your life over 2024
  • Are you really willing to change for it & accept the responsibility of living freely as HER/YOU abundantly?

✅ Listen to the meditations & clearings. They all have a purpose and a tool for each part of the 4x Step Success Method and bring out more of HER! ( use the right one for what you are feeling & needing)

🔥Grounding ( Day 1)

🔥Cleaning House ( day 2)

🔥Activation ( Day 3)

✅ Listen or watch the Bonus Gold ... which is there to support the programme.


Read the FAQ’s* below and ask any burning questions privately—- nothing is silly!

1) Can I listen to more than one energy meditation a day ?

I would recommend not to rush, force, fix and overwhelm yourself, they are all powerful… be kind and allow time to be your friend.

2) How long does it take to see results ?

ALL changes start within and how you feel & act - change the way you think and behave choosing to come from HER not old demon pattens and limiting beliefs and you will see signs you are on the path FAST and it builds momentum. It will always show you where you are in resistance/ insistence and it’s how you react to move through and get back in the groove of HER! But the first sign is feeling lighter, good, freer …

3) Is BECOMING HER a membership ?

No! Although it is a rolling high-level transformational programme, think of it like being part of a Church — and you get to decide how long you wish to be part of the community and be supported & guided! It is my intention to create an energetic sacred temple space ( a home) for visionary women.

4) Will it be intense to be part of BECOMING HER?

No! The opposite! The design is to have more space, freedom, support, flow & unfolding - giving the guidance & tools release the demons effortlessly & how live in an overflow abundance economy and explore your freedom life brand and put it into practice fully - without fear! It should feel like the best place where you get to be ALL You, be seen, heard and build confidence & Faith muscles 💪 & go out into the world as HER!