Hi, Jo here, today I was out on my walk, and I went to one of my favourite places where I live in Cornwall. You can see behind me, there’s the sea, green hills, lush fields and a beautiful beach with dramatic cliffs and rock pools.

For me, it’s like the perfect combination of masculine and feminine energy!

Putting aside whether we have male or female bodies or our sexual preferences, we ALL have masculine and feminine energies, and if we don’t connect and love both elements within ourselves, our relationships get out of balance and can become unhealthy.

Hi, I’m Jo Warwick, Love psychologist, Relationship Therapist, Energy Healer, and Author of The Big Book Of Love.

And my whole passion is helping people get out of the therapy room and connecting the LOVE.

We no longer need to have years and years of therapy, trying to fix our relationship with ourselves or our relationships with men and women – there is a much faster, painless and more affordable route.

Once we know how to connect energetically to both elements, we can satisfy and love both the masculine and feminine within us, then we know how to have a healthy, balanced and harmonised relationship with a partner.

Firstly though we need to stop believing that there’s something wrong who we are, but instead loving ourselves and accepting our worthiness and self-worth to move into healthy, loving relationships.

The Feminine Energy

I often use this analogy with my clients to understand the masculine and feminine elements of ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we are in a masculine or feminine body, our race or what sexual preference we are.

The feminine element is like water.

It’s like a river, and it’s the part that is the emotional, spiritual, sensual, internal world of who we are, how we perceive life through our feelings, our creativity, our soul and purpose and passion. It is the energy and flow of LOVE through us.

The Masculine Energy

The masculine element is like the riverbanks.

Masculine energy is the stability, the boundaries, the drive, the focus and action.

Just like this beautiful valley that is full of flowers and an abundance of life and creation. It holds a water bed and river along the middle. It’s stunning. It weaves down to the sea, where it is a dramatic rocky beach full of fantastic rock pools.

The valley is snuggly held by the hills, rocks and earth.

That’s how healthy masculine energy is supposed to feel within us. So we feel grounded, supported, held, secure so that we can allow our emotional experience, energy, creativity and desires to flow freely, so we express ourselves physically, emotionally, sexually and follow our heart.

Looking For Whats Missing In Other People 

We can’t do that if we don’t feel secure in ourselves. Instead, we will look externally for other people to try to give that to us and that is how we attract forms of control.

We will either give over our power to somebody else to control our flow or dominate it ourselves to try to feel safe, but as a result, we feel suffocated and dominated.

It can be a response to what was missing as children or to a traumatic event, because we didn’t feel secure in our bodies and were missing that healthy masculine energy.

When we have not experienced a healthy external masculine as children, we struggle to engage it within ourselves, so we will continue to look for controlling parental type behaviour from lovers, partners and bosses until we are able to claim our full power.

Learning To Trust The Masculine 

Like growing a tree we can learn, grow and develop our internal masculine to become secure within ourselves, feel more grounded in our body, more grounded in who we are. As we do that, we gradually feel more able to express ourselves, express our voices, express our emotions, express our creativity, express our LOVE.

Like the feminine river trusting in the masculine river banks, we need both energies for the stream of LOVE to flow freely.

What Happens To Our Relationship When We Reject Ourselves

When the Masculine becomes no longer connected to feminine, it grows overbearing and controlling.

Like the river banks becoming dry, arid, hard and brittle, and the river cannot flow. Emotions and creativity dry up, and so we become barren and empty without LOVE, and we are unable to adapt and grow readily, as we feel rigid.

If there are no secure riverbanks, the internal river feels overwhelmed and unsafe. It floods with no focus or direction. That means emotions can be wild with no support to ground them.

We can end up being a bit up in the air, like we are trying to get out of ourselves, out of our bodies, out of who we are.

When we have this internal imbalance, our external relationships and love life break down because there’s no flow of connection between your inner Masculine and the feminine in your partner and vice a versa.

No one feels safe and secure in this relationship, so anxiety increases, and so does a need for external control.

Letting Love Flow

However, when we have both energies in balance the feminine energy of love, our life force, the power of creativity can flow through us freely. So we can connect openly in relationships without seeking them to give us something to make us feel safe.

Instead, we attract a partner who matches our loving ownership of our whole complete self with a balanced masculine and feminine.




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Much Love

Jo xx

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