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YOU/HER are the power of your life, the key to your joy & success.

No matter what you desire it ALL starts & ends with YOU !

Whether you are currently focusing on upgrading within a relationship, motherhood, your own business or carer, self love & health or going travelling …

---- its time to fully trust HER!

Time for YOU to live with deep knowing, Faith & belief in YOURSELF, no matter what circumstances appear because you’ve got with the right skills & knowledge of the mechanics of manifesting with HER works

—- you’ve got this and got your back!

You always know what is right for you and ACT on it … so you fully accept your unique freedom brand of life & abundance overflow!

No more fixing, wrongness or fear of failure

--- only the rightness of yourself and playing in the evolving UP of YOU in the game of life guided by your inner HER!


Time For You To Be Supported & Guided!

Be part of co-creating this supportive community & container of likeminded vibrational women supporting your JOYful journey, excitement, creating and embodying of HER!

🔥As I guide you like an advanced driving instructor - as you take the wheel of your life with confidence…


BECOMING HER will guide you through …

✅The Shift from lack & limited mindset demons into your Freedom & Abundance overflow..,
✅Get the tools to let go of resistance & insistence fears AND shift yourself with each next level upgrade & transition with grace & joy ( no getting blocked & stuck )
✅Cultivate trust in your inner HER
✅Develop confident in your actions — without meaning!
✅Strengthen your skills in using & acting from your HER GPS with balance & harmony
✅Allow next level excitement, joy & passion to flow through your body life without sabotage!
✅Embrace the power of overflow with ease & grace when you life in ONEness!
✅Embody the higher vibe expanded energy of authentic YOU
✅ Putting the 4x Step process of success into action and get good at it!
✅Learn & practice the harmony skills for living consistently in Abundance & Joy — no matter what!
✅Co-create your reality with your freedom life brand - what is it on new expanded levels & getting into your overflow economy!

=> ALL results manifest from this SOURCE of YOU/HER…

Special Launch Offer Only:

*discounts in exchange for a video interview potentially to be used on social media using first name

Includes Brand New:

👉Weekly Coaching/Q&A  - Live with Videos On! ( timings will be alternated weekly for global coverage ( replays will also be available)
👉Power Training videos
👉Meditations & Activations
👉Journal Prompts
👉Energy Alignment
👉WhatsApp support group

Unlimited Access => To library of resources once created, whilst part of the community container. 

Group Access Only:

👉3x months inside the 🔥Becoming HER group programme.

=> £555 per month for x 3 subscription payments.


👉4x months inside the 🔥Becoming HER group programme.

=> £488 per month for x 4 subscription payments.

=> Full Payment; £1800 [*Saving £150]


👉6x months inside the 🔥Becoming HER group programme.

=> £397 per month for 6x subscription payments.

=> Full payment £2000 - [*Saving £500]


Offers to extend for 12 months will be potentially available...

VIP group & 1:1 Packages:

👉4x months inside 🔥Becoming HER group programme plus: 
+ 4 x 1:1 90 min monthly deep dive
+ individual VM Coaching
+1x bonus abundance programme

=> £1200pm x 4 payments
=> £4500 (full saving £300)


👉6x months inside 🔥Becoming HER group programme plus: 
+6 x 1:1 90 min monthly deep dive Sessions
+ individual VM coaching
+2x bonus digital abundance programs

=> £997pm x 6 payments
Full => £5000 ( saving £982)

Next Steps:

All you have to do is decide to TAKE ACTION and choose which package you want.

Message me through Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp or email me [email protected] to discuss and ask questions ...

I can then send you the subscription/ payment link when we are ready to start.

****Prices will increase once this programme launches, as this is a rolling signature programme.****