The Big book Of Love (original)

"This book is written from the heart for the heart. It is wonderful for untangling our relationship with ourselves and others.The author is frank and honest with her own life lessons and this makes you feel really at ease. It has really helped me to find the love within myself which in turn has really helped my relationships on all levels. A wonderful book to help set you free from self doubt and fears." Amazon Review 

The Big Book Of Love offers the solution to have the one thing we all want  - LOVE towards ourselves, reflected in our lives & in an intimate lasting relationship thats perfect for us! To live in the flow of LOVE.

It is a guide to living abundantly and successfully using the Law Of Attraction and the POWER OF LOVE. No matter whether your male or female, it is designed to help you understand how love ( UNIVERSAL ENERGY OF LOVE )works and remember you are love at your core. Leading you through the skills and tools to alter your thoughts, heal and let go of past wounds, and embrace your power to make practical love-based decisions for your greatest well-being and happiness, and guide you towards truly intimate, lasting relationships.

It does not talk about power plays and games, which creates more problems, fear and a lack of love. Instead offers the guidance, tools and knowledge to have and experience LOVE in abundance and daily, as the foundation for your life - the true meaning of happily ever after!

Love Psychologist Jo Warwick has since 2006 helped hundreds and thousands of men and women around the world to understand and embrace love abundantly, by using the Law of Attraction and now she’s combined her life’s work and personal experience to create The Big Book Of Love.


Available to buy electronic or in print via Amazon Global, Apple and independent bookshops worldwide.