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Any Jo Warwick publications, products or portions thereof may not be reproduced or used or resold in any manner what so ever without the express written permission of Jo Warwick or the publisher.


Buy purchasing a product you agree to these terms and conditions.
Jo will always deliver to the highest standard available and will always help to the best of her ability if it is possible.
Jo Warwick does not claim any responsibility for how an individual who has purchased a product (* Product, Programme, Membership, Publications etc) uses it is solely at their discretion and responsibility. As regards to results of all products and publications, sole responsibility lies with the client, reader, or purchaser of the product, as they are wholly dependent on their own personal experience and engagement.
Jo Warwick is a guide and facilitator to a higher, Divine Universal Force, but not in control of it and therefore cannot make guarantees. It is wholly dependent on the individuals receptivity to allowing it to happen & change. The effects you may have with Energy healing & Energy based work are the sole responsibility of the listener/ client/purchaser and how they follow Jo's guidance in supporting their body & mind in the process.

Cancellations, Refunds & Access

Deposits: Deposits are taken as a statement of commitment of guarantee for the coaching programme. Please be aware that refunds ARE NOT refundable unless stated or at Jo Warwick's discretion.
Refunds: Refunds are only available on Jo Warwick Coaching programmes at Jo Warwick's discretion and must be requested via email and dependant on contract agreements.
All sales are final and refunds are NOT available on ANY of Jo Warwick's instant access digital products as they are experiential and the energy & information is already transmitted. Jo Warwick will state if she is offering a 48 hour refund on any products when purchasing.
Payment Plans: When you agree to a payment plan for coaching services you are under contract. If you cancel/do not pay a payment plan instalment mid contract, all access to all products will be automatically rescinded, until the payment or issue is resolved.
Digital Membership Access: Not all Jo Warwick products are lifetime access. Those that do have lifetime access  - means the shelf life of the programme dependent on the changing & upgrading energy! You will always be advised of a programme closing in advance.
If you have purchased a product it is best to use it within 3 months, unless it is a membership package and has other timelines specified.

Privacy Policy

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