Driving Your Feminine Power In Business!

Do you feel like you cant get ahead in your business, as though you’re on half power? 

The truth is you probably are…

Let’s for a moment think of your car!

It has 4 wheels, which you know, need to be going in the same direction for you to drive forward and get to your destination with ease.

The same happens in your life if you want to achieve, create and manifest abundant success – in your business & wealth.


Most traditional methods & coaches only teach about the mental or Masculine Energy/action elements.

So you stay misguided and disconnected from a large percentage of your innate feminine & magnetic power.

Just like trying to drive car with only half the tyres & wheels, any achievements you do have will not be lasting or sustainable.

Because they come at the sacrifice and cost of something else, such as your emotional energy, wellbeing, time, sexuality and joy.

So just like YO-YO dieting, eventually leaving you feeling like you’re back at square one, making the same mistakes and deflated …


It’s time to accept YOU were born with a POTENT Magnetic powerhouse of energy to tap into, as a woman!

You have 4 wheels of power, like on your car!

Wheel 1: The power of your CONSCIOUS MIND!
Wheel 2: The power of your EMOTIONAL ENERGY!
Wheel 3: The power of your BODY and your SEXUAL energy!
Wheel 4: And you have the unlimited power of your SOUL ( UNCONSCIOUS MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS itself) your inner being. The part of you that makes you – YOU!


All these power sources are like the 4 WHEELS of our own unique vehicle, for our journey of life!

The wheels need to be in unison for momentum!

You can use this energetic power FOR YOUR benefit & results – and not turned AGAINST you. Depending on our direction
But the choice is ALWAYS ours!

Not just the ALIGNMENT of our wheels, but the type of vehicle which suits us best and the road we choose to create to drive on.


In life & business we can take the hard route with a rough road, driving a crapy old banger car with no power steering —- or we can take the smoother route, the faster lane or scenic pleasure cruise in a Sports car.

If we choose to take hard, bumpy road, in the beat – up old car with wobbly, flat wheels that don’t all face the same way we will end up spinning in circles and feeling battered and bruised.

Left feeling deeply frustrated and disappointed and having to work 100x harder to try to get the car to go where we want it to go – this is MISALIGNMENT!

If however we consciously choose to line up ALL our energy wheels to all go forward we tap into the FORCE & laws of the Universe we can positively co-create & manifest an experience that is more like driving a beautiful sports car on a smooth road on a sunny day

– enjoying the pleasure of the journey, the power available and getting to the destination!


Are you willing to be a conscious driver of all 4 wheels of your power?

If this resonates and you want to take the next step…

Then check out my Manifesting Programmes and reach out to find out more about how I can help you… 

Jo x