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OMG 😳!!! Yasssss … this will change your life forever!!!

✅ Say goodbye to people pleasing, feeling overwhelmed and over-delivering in your life and business.

✅ Claim conscious, balanced communication and decisions with confidence!

✅ Get clarity on where and why you are devaluing your time, energy or value with weak boundaries. (and poor pricing)

🔥Welcome to the true power of energetic BOUNDARIES & healthy power your business, your career, your relationships, your life!

Boundaries, Energetic Boundaries and Power Dynamics are the most misunderstood topic because it challenges the EGO and all the ways it is falsely protecting you and projecting onto your business, money or relationships.

I am so truly passionate about the impact of BOUNDARIES and dynamics on every aspect of your life  - including your business, intimacy and MONEY!

In fact this is probably 80% of the work I have been paid for over the last 25 years both for individuals and multi-million pound businesses.

Join this upcoming masterclass

We will explore how boundaries and power dynamics effect every aspect of your life & business and how to...

✅ Create clear, beneficial & stronger energetic boundaries. so you create more space for yourself and feel energised, in-charge and confidence!

✅ Learn the shift between unhealthy and healthy relational power dynamics and how you can come back into balanced confidence in your business, life and money relationship.

✅ Plus how to own your YES and No with conscious communication, so you feel secure & energised to enjoy your life and drive business forward like a CEO.

This is my absolute expertise as a Psychotherapist, coach & personally!

I have worked in and with unhealthy dynamics ( toxic, abusive, smothering etc) as well as healthy ones, so I could get internally and mentally strong and clear about how to have and use energetic boundaries beneficially, so that we can drop the defensiveness and use verbal and physical boundaries as the last result.

"🔥Dynamics is the relational connection between people, whereas boundaries is the amount of authentic space you take up in the world - they are interconnected and can be in balanced, open and expansive or unhealthy, imbalanced like a see-saw and dramatic.

Both highlight where we are disconnected to our own internal power source and body/mind alignment ( triggers/ reflections) or how we are in connection and working together in harmony with good energy flow"