Happy Endings Do Not Come From Fear & Lack

I longed for recognition for all my hard work….

I had given of myself fully. I’d struggled and strived. I had been a good girl and done my best to make other people happy, but here I stood with nothing that made me happy!

I had not achieved the accolades I desired, the money, the lover or the fame. I was so far from the prosperity I believed in and helped others to have.

I watched them over and over again walk away with what they desired, happy and open in love. Shocked and in bliss with the abundance that was rolling there way.

Painfully for me, I had done such a good job that they mostly forgot or didn’t even see that I had worked myself stupid to help them thrive and teach them. They didn’t recognise me for my efforts. What they did offer short-lasting and so small it didn’t matter.

The result I became more and more of a seething mess —  it was time to give up!

Wrong Or Right – I Was Right

I was on the wrong path. I had been trying to find my happy endings and success in all the wrong places and the wrong ways…

This pattern had been life long and painful, but I was doing what I was taught.

Although I was teaching and helping other people live from something completely different – a higher vibe. I was living from a lower driving belief that was in lack and suffering.

This driving belief took me to total poverty in money, health and relationships.

I hit rock bottom and it only began to change when I finally gave up and quit my life  – what I did for a living, gave up on relationships and gave up trying the ‘help the world’ that I could come back to my soul and the truth.

I have always fiercely believed in being authentic and integrity. That we mean what we say and say what we mean and be honest. I used to hate people who said one thing and did something else — I discovered that was me and how I was living!

I was stuck seeking the recognition of others  – for being pleasing, hardworking, for being good and kind, for being giving, for being a saint and for being ultimately a good girl! For being the rescuer of humanity and a superhero.

This was my downfall – and utterly exhausting!

No matter what the movies tell you, the endless hero stories the Universe does not work that way  – you can not get happy endings and prosperity from that kind of behaviour. Haven’t you noticed the Superhero’s job is never finished — there is always another baddie.

The reason is that happiness, abundance and love are on a much higher emotional vibe and out of that energy attracts prosperity and easiness in all forms – because like attract like in the vibrational universe we live in of frequency. this is physics!

All my good child, rescuing hero, worker bee mentality and behaviour all came from the emotional vibration of fear  – fear of lack and not being good enough and proving.

This lack of prosperity  – lack of love frequency is at the opposite end of the scale to the frequency prosperity — so you just can’t get there from there!

There will never be the result I desired, from that kind of beginning.

To Others I Gave Heaven- For Me I Gave Hell

What it became instead for me was frustrating, upsetting, disappointing, soul-destroying, suffering, panic-inducing, resentment building, isolating and very depressing. The life drained from me.

During my life, I came to think repetitively until it became a chronic belief I perpetually fulfilled that “ no matter how much I do I will never be recognised – which meant I will never be loved”

No wonder I used to contemplate suicide  – to quit life and give up – death seemed like the only way out of this hell!

What was the point if nothing I did would ever get me what I wanted and what I wanted was the freedom to be me and feel loved.

This was not what I taught – I had always channelled Source energy when I wrote and spoke: “love being inside us and eternal. Its unconditional nature and that the Universe reacts to the vibrational connection to that inner relationship to your inner Source of Love, and that our lives our simply reflections of our inner world. That money was an energy that matched that. That prosperity comes in so many forms. Above all that life is supposed to be easy, fun and freedom are who we are.”

I knew the truth, but here I was trapped in my own unconscious pattern repeating it over and over again in relationships with men, in my businesses, in my life in general and especially in my lack of money.

One of the most painful things about this pattern was the lack of sex. Every time I went into this pattern I would end up in sexless relationships or into celibacy for years on end. My innate pure passion for life and playfulness would seep out of my existence and I would become empty.

Keep Doing The Same Thing Is Insanity

So what changed  – I met Abraham Hicks.

I could say it was because I decided enough was enough  – but I did that over and over again, only to return. Over time I freed myself bit by bit with a different area of my life, building strength until I was ready to face my deepest block to my own happiness and prosperity and I was guided to Abraham.

The breaking point came when I managed to completely lose £35K from the sale of my house and spend it all on trying to grow another business to help other people have more Love in their life. The money disappeared like water. I gave all of my resources to help others have what I actually wanted.

When I started listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube I recognised that this was not our first meeting as I recognised the words and language in my books, and with my clients. But this time it was for me to hear! I was finally the client.

The most important thing I have come to learn from Abraham Hicks — is that the world does not need saving – there is nothing to fix and improve on. That I did not come to fix anything in this lifetime, but that actually came to have fun, create and inspire growth. To create new not mend the old.

As a therapist, I had specialised in human dynamic and love and one of the most famous patterns is the Drama Triangle and what I could not see was that I had been living in that pattern on a large planetary scale. To save humanity from itself!

Who Said We Were Broken?

We see what we believe, so once I looked for the beauty and love in the world that’s what I began to see everywhere, the same as it had been when I looked for all the pain – except that made me miserable.

With fresh eyes, I can now see abundance everywhere and abound in nature, in the weather and sky and in the animals. That each person is perfect in design and our bodies are walking miracles and inside of us all is a Source of Love and an incredible emotional guidance system to show us our way in life, which they can utilise at any point and follow their bliss  – and that we create our own heaven or hell and it is only us who can change our own perceptions.

As I did this I watched my world change. I firstly focused on feeling good. I give myself Love with that decision every day and in every moment  – so I feel loved and recognised by me and my Source. Simply I care about how I feel first and foremost!

I no longer feel attachment or longing for wider recognition for love. Yes, I want my books and creations to sell and get to a wider audience, but not to fulfil some hole inside me. Yes I want Money and I love and enjoy it, but I am free with or without it.

Yes, I still love sharing what I know and experience to be inspiration and uplifter, but I don’t NEED anyone else to acknowledge me, but I appreciate being MET in love. I am happy to use the energy of the Universe and hold a higher vibe so others can come to join me there.

No more will I try to lift others up from underneath…I am choosing a life of ease and grace. To enjoy life and to be a contribution to the benefit of the world and spread love and receive in abundance first.

My Negative Belief Was Right

My belief that my efforts in the past do not reap the rewards I wanted  – was right. I felt that I was doing something wrong, so my internal GPS was working brilliantly.

So now I am doing the things that feel right I can always get the results I do want. If I don’t like what I see or it doesn’t feel right when I think about it I can change it towards what I do want.

That is the beauty of the Universal Law Of Attraction it is fair and consistent and it will not change, so when we accept that, we can begin to make changes in ourselves to see what we want to manifest — instead of TRYING to change the Universe or the conditions of the world, or other people.

Change yourself and you will change the world.

It took me a long time to see that and accept that I was doing something wrong  – for me!

I needed to change how I treated and prioritised myself, my life and my physical and financial wellbeing. I had to be my own client and take the advice in my books.

It was this journey that led me to invite Abraham Hicks into my life as I was finally willing to learn. “when the student is ready the teacher appears” So I could, at last, have what I desired and accept I was already worthy of Love, prosperity and freedom to live and create my life as desired.

As my journey became to unfold, my passion for life and sex also began to return naturally too  – just like in nature I came out of the coldness of Winter and into the joys of Spring!



If you’re seeking MORE LOVE because you desire to;

*Feel happy being YOU every day!

*Attract & date YOUR RIGHT LOVER with ease & grace using The Law Of Attraction!

*Improve a current relationship for more joy, fun, intimacy & communication!

*Have a stronger connection to The Universe, Big LOVE, spirituality and your intuition…


Much Love

Jo xx

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  1. Jemma Sleeman on May 7, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    Amazing lady. Changed my life. Just bought your big book of love for a friend who’s currently struggling with similar stuff that I was. Still really appreciate everything you did for me, and for me and Colin together. Xxxx

  2. Jo Warwick on May 8, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Thank you Jemma for your lovely words and for sharing the LOVE by buying my book xxx