How Childhood Trauma Stops The Law Of Attraction From Working!

Childhood trauma stops The Law Of Attraction from working, because it’s effects are Cellular & disrupts our emotional vibration frequency! 

We can do our best to move on mentally but we must learn how to release the Emotional Energy we experienced, swallowed & buried at the time! 

It was unsafe at that time to express our intense emotions – like desire, our big emotions – like rage and our wounded emotions – like grief!

So instead we pack them away into our Digestive System and Womb Space, and store them there. 


This emotional energy eats away at us from the inside – sapping our power & causes terrible issues & disorders with eating, releasing waste, IBS, & sexual imbalance or rejection. 

The result of this hidden emotional energy is blockage & inability to manifest what you desire & need in the physical to not only survive but THRIVE!

BLOCKAGES in being secure in our own power, so we are unable to provide for ourselves financially and unable to manifest deep Soul level intimacy in a relationship! It blocks HEALTHY MANIFESTATION!! 

Instead the Law of Attraction manifests mirrors of our blockage – the unavailable connection, the shame of our experience, the fear of being alone and unloved etc. 

It will feel like a fight & a struggle as you try to move forward mentally doing the work, taking action for self-love — yet still not getting the results you desire!! Leaving you feeling deflated, tired, frustrated with the one step forward, two steps back feeling…


It is safe for you NOW to release this childhood trauma & any repeated patterns from the ROOT of yourself for good, so you can fully embody your power, and manifest the life & love you deserve!

Over the last 25 years I have not only freed myself from my past but I have worked with hundreds women (& men) of all ages, all over the world release this trauma debris from their body once & for all!! To end the pattern and finally 🌟BREAK FREE of the past for good, and embrace the truth of who they are & were born to be!

Once we clear this block in the Root of digestive & sexual system our VOICE gets activated because it is now free & clear to speak up & speak the truth !

We claim our right to express of experience of life & SPEAK our desires into manifestation!!

We can now say what we want & need with power & clarity & without victim beliefs!

Years ago I would have believed it would take endless therapy – years of sorting & exploring !! No more! 

This expensive & laborious route did very little for me even though I spent 8 years in therapy !!

The therapy made me feel as much as a victim because I needed therapy! 

I discovered that the fastest route was combining my Psychotherapy skills with my Divine GIFTS of energy healing which have now advanced to deliver a super fast transformation!

The clearing of a life time of holding & playing out that emotional trauma, which may have in the past take years & years to heal can now happen for some people a matter of days or weeks!

What takes a little longer is the reprogramming of the brain to trust that the past has gone, and lay new neural-pathways!

Learning new skills & patterns of healthy behaviour in & out of relationships! How to live without that trauma, but instead live CONFIDENT & secure in who you are, trusting your own intuition & that you’ve got your back! 

Which is why I offer short 21 day, 8 week & longer 4 month programmes!


The only thing in the way of having life changing RESULTS is actually making the choice to ACTUALLY LET IT GO!

Deciding you’ve had enough of holding onto the trauma!

Holding onto the victim patterns! 

Holding onto to being powerless or on half measure!

Holding onto the fear & the shame! Holding onto being emotionally, energetically , materially poor!

Holding onto being in lack of WELLBEING & vibrant energy! 

Holding onto the wounding as a as badge or an excuse! 

Holding onto not getting what you want as a comfort blanket so you don’t have to take the risk of living FULLY in LOVE & in your FREEDOM!!


If you are ready to be BRAVE! Sick & tired and ready – to make change, let it go & see transformational results in your life!

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Much Love

Jo xx


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