Figure The Money Problem With The Universe

You don’t have to figure out your money problem on your own…

We can get stuck in a problem and unable to move into a solution because we are trying to figure it out by ourselves – banging our head against looming fear, timescales and worries about bills etc – or worse getting the WRONG help!

I am absolutely a fan of asking for help from others – yet WHO you ask is VITAL!


There is no point asking help from someone who ISN’T happy, balanced, open & aligned with the Universe and connected to their SOURCE of inner knowing — because they LACK the bigger picture to the SOLUTION.

They can only give guidance on what NOT to do – as their perspective is currently hindered by their lens of worries, lack of connection and trust.


Personally, I’ve found the best way to resolve any issue is to shift into a higher perspective, than mine from this body, my conscious mind and my current situation.

By asking for help and surrendering up to my unlimited unconscious mind, my higher self, the Universe and the non- physical spiritual realm – I give it up, ask and allow it to be given! ( and it ALWAYS IS)

As the saying goes;

“Teach a woman how to fish – so she can do it herself and she’ll have fish eat every day [then create a business and help others have more fish too !” ]


Learning how to RECEIVE this guidance, direction, opportunities and manifestations is the empowerment of learning how to FISH in the Universal flow of abundance and being successful in your business.

Discovering that you NEVER have to figure anything out on your own again because you are NOT alone – and can easily access to the RIGHT guidance at all times!

No problem is ever too big or too small, too sticky and problematic – because the solution is unlimited and easy when it comes from the infinite consciousness itself.


Once in the RECEPTIVE MODE ( and open to listening) the answer will come to you in an unfolding process…

of feelings, nudges, inspirations, directions, rendezvous with nature and then people and then manifestations that build momentum to the solution.

– like the traffic starting to move after congestion.


Depending on the level of problematic congestion – and money and business can be a sticky one with a lot of built up resistance

— it will take a few stepping stones, whilst other subjects can reach a happy solution and full manifestation fast!

For example: I’ve effortlessly manifested $30K in a week, whilst clients have manifested new homes to rent in 24 hours, $15K to appear overnight & a heap of new high-paying clients with ease because they followed this process.

The Universe will ALWAYS answer your prayers!

— and will most likely line you up with someone, like myself, who is aligned with the higher perspective of the Universe and give the EASIEST and FASTEST path to the SOLUTION you seek …

Who can teach you, guide you and support you to receive your solution and hold your nerve through the process to full fast manifestation

– Then it’s up to YOU need to step forward bravely, with faith to take it up, because it is divinely orchestrated, and the manifested solution is waiting for you to now meet it!


If this resonates and you want to take the next step… 

Then check out my Manifesting Products and reach out to discuss further about how I can help you!

Love Jo x