I don’t want to work harder! (And What To Do About It)

“I don’t want to work harder!”

I hear this a lot from women in business…

This is a big sign that our boundaries are loose and off-whack and we are exhausted!

“The only advice I am given to grow my business and have more money is to work harder, work more… I won’t do it. I CAN’T do it!

But I want to be rich. I want to be free. “ [a client shared recently.]

This traditional business advice not only sucks but it doesn’t work!


We only have so much time available, even if we try to work more.

We only have limited resources of energy to give, even if we work harder.

We are ALWAYS limited by the resources we have to put in  – so we are limited to what we get out.

The truth is it feels wrong because it is WRONG!

Because deep down you know it’s about SACRIFICING the now, your life, your energy, time and freedom….

Hoping, striving, waiting and delaying for a dream that might never come ( and at what cost??? )


You don’t have your own business so you can be limited in the same ways you would in a job – and in fact even more because it’s all on you to do it!

You have your own business for FREEDOM.

  • Freedom to live your life, on your terms.
  • Freedom to arrange your own time and pace and plans.
  • To live saying NO, because it is not right for you.
  • Freedom to live and express your passion.


The truth is it is not about working HARDER!

You want a different method.

A new method that is about working smarter, easier, more potently — so you are NOT working!

Tapped in and turned on to your soul, so you are powerful and open to support from the WHOLE universe on your side to manage, line up and work with you, as a co-creator and teammate.

When we do this we are NOT working.

But instead living from pleasure through our business ( loving what we do), energised & free in our joy, receiving an unlimited amount of money through a business model & system that is in alignment with our soul and WORKS for us.

We say goodbye to sacrificing time, gambling energy and going against our truth — hoping for a profitable business one day!

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