If I’m Rich & Shine – Daddy Wont Like It

Daddy issues block our manifesting success of love, money and abundance. 

They start when we are small …

When I was little and I got excited, joyful, and full of life force I was told I was

“high as a kite “ — and my daddy would get angry.

When I danced, screamed and shouted and giggled — my daddy didn’t like it.


He got angry, and upset and simply couldn’t handle the abundance of energy I gave off.

So I kept away from him, hid my joy and full exuberance for life, played alone and dulled myself down when I was around him.

This early experience had a profound effect on my capacity to allow myself to receive riches, as well as how I behaved around other men in relationships.

I know that I manifest through flowing joy and life force through my body…

— and could always effortlessly attract miraculous results & opportunities when I was free & away from my dad.


Yet I would still then sacrifice my body or sacrifice my money when I became too much and hit my glass ceiling so that I would dramatically bring down my energy from being HIGH VIBE and free-flowing

– because daddy wouldn’t like it.

This glass ceiling, upper limit programme harmed my capacity to be fully independent and free for a very long time.


It caused me a vast amount of suffering, physical pain & debt … all because I was programmed to not upset daddy and feel unsafe.

It was not logical but a safety mechanism.

I had claimed it a long time ago but continued to be contained by it – no matter what career or business path I took or proved my capacity & worthiness over and over again for success.


Until I was ready to accept FULL ownership for it and the damage I was doing to myself, sacrificing myself and my own body, happiness and freedom as an adult woman – for love and fear of my dad.

== And finally chose the fullness of myself and my innate feminine magnetism… for love, abundance and riches

I am not alone in experiencing deeply ingrained daddy issues and the negative impact they can make on feminine empowerment and receiving abundance and having the freedom to live as you desire…

—- by stifling, confusing and conflicting your magnetic manifesting power.


So that you are both trying to drive forward trying to create and have what you want, but driving your energy backwards at the same time locked in the past and the outdated patterns.

== Does this strike a cord?

And you are ready to choose yourself & your full empowerment & riches over daddy or mummy I INVITE YOU to dive into my FREE MASTERCLASS