Manifesting Is Like A Sweet Shop!

What if life is like a BIG sweet shop – and you finally get to choose?

Manifesting of ALL wealth, clients, travel, jobs or anything we want comes down to Desire.

Do you remember being a child in a big sweet shop with endless choices

and how wonderful that felt

and how you wanted have it all

and then choose your favourites?

You Cant Have That!

But I expect you got told you were limited to a certain amount or certain sweets and only on certain days etc.

What I know to be true is that life, the world and the Universe is like a pick a mix sweet shop for you to desire, choose and decide what you want to be, do and have anything that feels right to you.

Yet a lifetime of conditioning to rules we’ve accepted and placed on ourselves to be good and not have too much and greedy etc BLOCKS & LIMITS our desires and so our manifestations.

Because our desire is NO LONGER pure and true  – but instead corrupted & twisted

Yet we can set ourselves and our desires free and get what we want – with the help of the Universe.


Does this resonates – would you like to free to express your desire, choose and receive abundantly once more…?

Then check out my Manifesting Programmes and reach out to find out more about how I can help you…