Manifesting Videos

✨When Your Manifesting Isn't Happening - Here's What's Really Going On!

✨I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be when it seems like your manifesting is not happening for you, however, once we know what is going on it is so much easier to flow with the process and have more faith it is happening FOR you!

✨Why Faith Is The Key To Manifesting Success!

✨Stop overthinking and analysing and lean back into your faith to see the biggest shifts in your manifesting your dreams and why this matters deeply for you.

💰Overcoming Money Blocks For Spiritual People! ( I learn't the hard way)

✨I can finally say I Love having money richly supporting my life - I tried to live an abundant life without money and learnt the hard way that's impossible!

✨The Truth Is ... The Universe Is On Your Side!

✨The Universe has your back ... but do you? If you can accept that the Universe has your back and you are always right about what you think and believe, then the power lies in your hands to choose what you want to see and experience.

💸You're Only Getting What You Believe You Deserve!

Currently, in your life, you are receiving the level of abundance or bargain basement treatment you believe you deserve within - the Universe is inviting you to demand more! Use this technique to make changes in your life...