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I am so excited, as I know how deeply transformative this programme is for you, on the inside and out. Expect miracles! 

It is laid out below in an easy step by step process with both the audios and workbook. Starting with the additional Raining Money Daily Activation ( *don't wait to starting using this!) 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find bonus techniques to guide and help you when you need a little extra support to get you through the process. ( *make sure to use these!)

I will also give you access on Spotify the Feel Fabulous Playlist to uplift, activate and give your something to dance and move to ( so important!) 

Now all you have to do is commit fully for yourself by making time daily and then share insights, celebrations and ask questions for deeper clarity and guidance from me.

Have fun! Love Jo x

PS: It is important to support yourself by drinking plenty of water, eating well and taking exercise daily for the best & easiest results. 

Download the PDF of the 8 phases of the manifesting and empowerment cycle, it will help you to understand more deeply the process of working with the creative life force energy of the Universe and help you feel more secure knowing you are in the right place at the right time, doing the right things. There is more about how the energy flows and your inner GPS inside The Big Book Of Love - Loving yourself, dating with love, loving relationships. 

Day 4 - Higher Perspective ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 6 - Your Life Brand Part 1( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 8 - releasing To The Feminine Flow ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 9 - I Love You Exercise ( Reflection Technique Method) 

Day 10 - Results Focused ( Journal Prompts)

Day 11 - When It's Not Happening For You ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 12 - Money Love Economy ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 13 - The Power Of Decision ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 14 - Claiming Your Independance ( Training)

This 30 minute deeper training was part of another programme ( Big Love) and interlinks with so much that is in "The Big Book Of Love". Relationships are the foundation of all manifesting of love and money and a big reason we struggle to allow more is because we still not fully psychologically independent and willing to stand on our own two feet as empowered adults. So we attract depleted measures of what we desire, so as to not upset others. This training we help you to understand on a new level and help clear any blockages to it. 

Day 15 - Getting Grounded & Centred Meditation

Listen to this 10 minute meditation in the morning any time you need to feel more grounded and centred in yourself.

Day 16 - Your Abundance Story ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 17 - Love In Abundance ( Webinar)

Watch this 60 minute webinar to go deeper into allowing Love in Abundance in your life and clearing the block to increased giving, receiving and sharing.

Use your journal to reflect on the process.

Day 20 - No More Waiting To Receive ( Audio Training & Journal Prompts)

Day 22 - Why You Are already Enough ( Webinar & Healing)

Watch this 60 minute webinar to explore deeper into accepting your are already enough to receive & release any blockages.

Use your journal to reflect on the process.

Day 26 - Past & future Letters - Visioning & Appreciation.

This powerful two part letter technique can be used for any transition, whether that is ending one year and locking in a vision for the new year to come. Or ending a phase of your life and starting a new one. Or even ending a career/ relationship and visioning a new one. Transitions and change are potent times and can either be harnessed and moved through with grace, hope and expectation or fought. With this technique we can choose to step out of the pattern that endings must be hard, painful and bad and claim a future vision to drive us forward with ease. 

Day 29 - The Assessment Quiz!

Take 30 minutes to complete the assessment quiz to check in with how you are doing and what you could be doing better. This quiz is designed to help you self-assess and help me see how I can help you more. Simply click HERE!

Day 30 and onwards

The next steps are to use the feedback from the assessment quiz and continue to revisit your journal prompts and re-listen to the audio trainings and meditations to build momentum and gain new insights and awarenesses. Stay committed to yourself and your journey for the rest of hte programme. 

Practice and repetition is the key and growth is cyclical. So why not use this programme again over another 30 days to see deep transformations and build confidence. Remember to TRACK your changes, manifestations and celebrations because focus is everything if you want more... Much Love Jo x

Bonus: Technique Toolbox

#1: Do this To Help you Ground, Embody & Feel More Secure.

#2: Dear God Letter! Outsourcing For The Answers & Solutions

#3: Playing With Energy & Flipping Into FLOW!

#4: How To Shift Limited Mindset When You're Feeling Stuck!

#5: How To Release Rage, Anger & Frustration Healthily and Safely!