EP 17: Resolving Problems With Solution Energy

🎧In today's episode, I share how we can shift out of problem-focused behaviour and stuckness to solution-focused results with Ease.

EP 16: How to Work Less For Bigger Results With The Universe

🎧In this episode, I explore the process of leaning back and leaning into your inspired action.

When we don't get in harmony with the flow of the Universe we waste so much energy & time trying to make things happen, instead of allowing them to happen easily, with more pleasure in an unfolding pace just like surfing a wave  -- which ALWAYS creates bigger and better results all around.

EP 15: Forgiving Money & Your Business

🎧 In this latest episode, I share you can use the power of forgiveness to shift your Money magnetism and business growth and offer a technique to try yourself.

EP 14: Increase Your Productivity With Less Effort!

🎧 In this latest episode, I share how I am highly productive but with little effort ( because I am very lazy) and with better results because I work with Alignment and The Universe. My clients have seen radical increases in revenue and team productivity and increased energy doing the same methods.

EP 13: The 4 Step Formula To Manifesting Money!

🎧 In today's episode, I explore the path to enlightened money& business and share my 4 step formula to manifest money, clients and anything I desire in my life. The same formula my clients use to manifest their dreams and grow their businesses effortlessly.

EP 12:What Do You Really Believe? 

🎧In today's episode, I ask the question "What Do You Really Believe?" and share how what we believe matters when it comes to manifesting money, client and business success. And how we stop our desires from manifesting because we shift our beliefs & energy into lower frequencies! Join the club:

EP 11:How Family Loyalties Block Wealth With guest Amna Gull

🎧In this episode with guest Amna Gull [ Master NLP Practitioner] we explore how loyalty to family stories, patterns and beliefs, block your business success and wealth manifestation.Amna Gull is the founder of Gull to Greatness. She believes an individual may simply need to change the filters with which they see their reality to experience their own greatness.

**I have personally experienced one of her sessions and highly recommend the power of her work! **


EP 10: What If Money Was Fun & Easy?

🎧Is your financial relationship toxic? Or is abundant and supportive? In todays episode I explore what if money was easy & fun and how that shift can change your life!

EP 9: Blissful Business

🎧In today's episode, I explore Joseph Campbell's manifesting insight to follow your bliss and how this can positively impact your business and financial success in a big way!

EP 8: What's The Cost & the Price Your Willing To Pay For Results?

🎧In today's episode I explore the exchange of cost in your business such as TIME, ENERGY, WELLBEING, MONEY and is it a price you're willing to pay for the result you desire - and can there be an easier and more cost-effective route?

EP 7: Why Trusting Yourself Manifests Success Everywhere

🎧In this latest episode, I discuss the power of Trusting yourself to alter your ability to manifest success in your business, wealth and life as a whole and how detrimental a lack of trust can be to you!

EP 6: Becoming Wealthier, Successful & Abundant.. What Needs To Change!

🎧In today's episode, I explore how we can allow ourselves to become wealthier, bigger, more abundant and successful in our business. ourselves and life  --- without FEAR & limiting success & money beliefs & what has to change for it to happen…

EP 5: Asking For the Sale/ Money Blocks

🎧In today's episode, I explore the emotional & mindset BLOCK to the all-important asking for the sale & talking about Money -- Its called Money Shame!

EP 4: Sales Can Be Easy & Successful When...( why Your sales are not working)

🎧In today's episode, I explore when the sale process FAILS because of desperation and pushy methods versus the ATTRACTION sales method that equals high value and Big money in your business!

EP 3: Chasing Success You Don't really Want!

🎧In this episode, inspired by James Clear author of Atomic Habits, I discuss how we get caught as an entrepreneur, chasing a business & financial success that we don't really want. Deep down we don't really want the lifestyle it brings... Instead learning how to get the lifestyle we really need & want from our business NOW!

EP 2: Why Money Is Not Big In Your Business

🎧 In this episode, I explore the two main reasons why Money is not flowing BIG in your business and how you can shift the results fast.

EP 1: Money Is Not Your Boss - Power Perceptions

🎧 In this first episode, you will discover how a shift in perception is essential when we want Big Money and a Big Money Business. We can get stuck in small-minded and low-vibration power plays with money which hinders the success we desire to manifest. Join me Jo Warwick - Business Coach & Law of Attraction practitioner. .