Rise And Shine - Become The Woman You Were Born To Be

Welcome to this self-loving, life-transforming empowerment programme for YOU to rise up and shine and become the woman you born to be!

Not by being someone else or striving to be better, but by dropping the constrictions & limitations and allowing the real force of YOU to shine through and become centre stage in your life!

During this digital programme you will be guided through a 22 day energtic and training cycle to calm your nervous system, centre your wellbeing, increase your energetic frequency & raise your magnetic vibe...

Whilst naturally dropping the limitations of guilt, fear & shame for being you and having more... as you open to experiencing new levels of love, abundance, joy and confidence every day.

Get Your Copy To Support This Programme

I would absolutely recommend, if you have not already got it, buying my book ( manual) to all things LOVE, self love, empowerment, relationships and connections and above all else allowing the Universe to love you. 

It is the perfect accompaniment to this programme and moving forward in your life and will help you to shift faster.

And if you have, I would suggest reading it again whilst you are in this course. Jo xoxo

Getting Started:

 ✅ Take the pre-assessment quiz below before you start.

✅ Take a selfie of yourself before you begin and at the end of each cycle ( in the same location) so you can see the transformation.

✅I would recommend using headphones as much as possible for the best results and of course have a journal to use to support your journey.

✅Make sure to drink plenty of water and get as much rest and sleep as possible whilst doing this programme. A daily routine morning & evening can really help  - see the bonus videos for more guidance. 

✅ Scroll down and check out the whole programme, bonus area and next steps at the bottom before starting.

Your ideal day would look like this:

  1. 10 minutes of the Basic Breathing exercise first thing.
  2. Followed by your 10 min daily audio ( unless it is longer and it can be completed in the morning or evening etc)
  3. Dance around to the Rise & Shine music playlist whilst making your breakfast, having a shower, getting dressed etc to get your energy rising up and moving.
  4. Listen to the Abundance Prayer whilst in bed before sleep.
  5. As a bonus I would recommend listening to Steve Nobel's "I Am Sovereign" Affirmations any time in the day or whilst driving.

Sovereign Affirmation

Listen as many times, any time, any where you want a boost to these affirmations from Steve Nobel. In the car, walking or whilst washing up etc.

Evening Abundance Prayer

Listen to this 5 minute Abundance Prayer with headphones, just before you go to sleep every single night.

The Secret Garden Of Enlightenment Activation ( 30 mins)

Make time & space for this powerful activation which will change your life forever, as you meet and reclaim a part of yourself, who you have left behind. 

Be somewhere safe and uninterrupted. Have a journal to hand for any insights you wish to write down and make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.  

Day 11

#8: More Than You've Ever Been! (deep clearing & activation) [45 mins] 

Make sure to leave plenty of time for this and to rest, ground yourself with food and water afterwards.

The Bonus Collection

I have put together some powerful trainings and energy clearings from some of my programmes over the years to help you on this journey to Rise Up as the woman you were born to be...

#5: Feel Fabulous - 4 Day Vitality Challenge Bonus

Your Next steps

Step 1: Repeat The Cycle!

It's time to rinse and repeat the whole process again and make sure to dive into that bonus collection too.

Journal about your experience and acknowledge & celebrate the each small WIN in how you feel and what you're now experiencing positively in your life...

Complete this full 22 day cycle twice as a minimum and complete the bonus content or repeat for 3 weeks for full activation and revisit core meditations etc.

Assess Yourself!

Once you have completed the cycle - take the Quiz again to see whats improved in your mindset, emotions, frequency, life & manifestations.

Also copy & complete the life cycle assessment below just like in the picture for yourself and score each section

Repeat this every time you complete the cycle...

Step 2: Become Rich, Sexy & Free

You are now ready to move this powerful energy and potential through not only your body, mind and heart -- but into specific areas of your life and become the co-creator and author of your story... knowing you are loved and supported, no matter what!

Perhaps those areas, like Money, Your Own Business or Time & Value, that have seemingly given you most stress, anxiety and worry in the past, because they had been reflecting your disconnection from your power...

It no longer has to be that way. I have the programmes & coaching to help you.

Whether that as in a focused digital programme like "Time Queen ( Be The Ruler Of Your Time)" Or any of my many money mindset programmes.

Or you want to be mentored by me directly through your money, business and life for my 6/12 month group programme to become "Rich, Sexy & Free"...or my VIP 1:1 coaching. 

All you have to do is now hit this link and choose your direction to find out more.