Clarity: She Dares To Be Seen!


***Free 5 Day Masterclass: June 26th  – 2nd July***

Join my premier, free masterclass designed for visionary women ready to take center stage in their life and business. This program will help you gain clarity and vision, empowering you to step out from the shadows and boldly showcase your true self and unique value.

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Sale! Become Rich As F*ck - 10 Day Activation Programme To Transform Your Wealth Capacity!

Become Rich As F*ck!

Original price was: $555.00.Current price is: $197.00.

***Brand New: 10 Day Activation Programme – July 10th – July 24th 2024 ***

“Attention Visionary Women Ready to Live Richly!

Are you done with financial stress, limitations, and constraints? It’s time to embrace financial security, freedom, and endless choices. Transform your mindset, expand your wealth capacity, and establish a powerful new framework to live Rich As F*ck!”

Check out the full details below!

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Sale! Rise And Shine and become the woman you were born to be...

Rise & Shine: Become The Woman You Were Born To Be

Original price was: $555.00.Current price is: $333.00.

Rise Up & Shine To Become The Woman You Were Born To Be…

Not by striving to be someone else or be better, but by dropping the limitations of guilt, fear & shame for being you, being different, not fitting in & having more. Allowing the real force of YOU to come through and take centre stage in your life & presence everyday  — open to experiencing abundant levels of love, joy and confidence every day!

Full details below and a behind the scenes sneak peak!

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Raining Money Activation!

Original price was: $33.00.Current price is: $7.00.

Let’s Make It Rain! This deep, yet playful activating meditation will transform the way you see money and bring you back to JOY and playful of having an abundance of money raining in your life and shed the limiting perspectives…

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Time Queen! [Be The Ruler Of Your Time]


Are you an over-giving Busy Woman?  Become instead the Ruler of Your TIME! Take charge to create it, use it and spend it wisely and with great benefit.

🔥Quantum Shift from…

Busy to Productive  — Do Less And Getting Better Results? Hectic to Calm — Feel More Confident, Energised, Focused? Overwhelmed to Empowered — Become The Boss Of Your Life, Home Or Business? Check out the full details below…

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