Swipe Right For Love! Attracting Your Partner With the Universe!

Swipe Left Or Right Dating


"I meet guys, but I can't seem to keep them interested in me - how do I do that?"

I recently got asked this and my first thought was actually what kind of guys are you meeting and how are you attracting them? Even in her question, I felt she had a 'lack of self-worth belief'. That she must have to try hard to keep men interested past the initial attraction. Needing her to be always entertaining and distracting; otherwise, they leave.

What an exhausting and frustrating pattern for her!


One is with the Universe, the energy of LOVE and the Law Of Attraction behind you and the other is trying to do it all by yourself!


Doing it by yourself (DIY Dating) needs us to put in lots of effort to make sure we look a certain way, speak or behave in a certain way to attract, distract and entertain -- it is racked with highs and lows and which is not healthy or sustainable for a lasting relationship.

It's like having to put on a broadway show all the time!!!

It only has physical desire and chemicals to drive it, built on low self-worth beliefs, a lack of trust in LOVE and negative perceptions about men and relationships. 


Whereas 'Dating With LOVE' is allowing the energy of the Universe & the Law Of Attraction to be our MATCHMAKER and then our LOVE COACH.

It's a far more NATURAL, simple and playful experience!  

Imagine going to Harrods and having a personal shopper, while you sip champagne and watch models show off the selection of clothes that fit and compliment you -- it's like that!

By allowing the Universe to be our matchmaker we are choosing only Quality, Value and Authentic Rich Connections with the potent potential to deliver an abundance of LOVE, joy, passion and friendship.

But like online dating, the Universe will still ask you to swipe left or right when the men show up - oh and they will! 


The first difference of dating with LOVE ( that means tapping into the UNIVERSAL LOVE) is that you don't go seeking and hunting for LOVE, relationships or men.

By choosing the path of surrendering to Universal LOVE, you can feel and know your worth as a powerhouse of LOVE. Your body is the temple of LOVE, and you ( your soul and mind) are a divine goddess.

When connected to this, we are natural energetic magnets that radiate with LOVE. 


So you hand over the reins and let the UNIVERSAL LOVE do the heavy lifting - do the attracting and lining up of the men. All you have to do is lean back into that trust.

This takes us out of scarcity mentality that 'there are no good men available' and into an abundance mindset. 

Once you choose and surrender, you will begin to see signs. Little nudges of encouragement from the Universe that you're on the right track and aligned with LOVE. 

Men will appear in small amounts first and then build in frequency until it feels as though men surround you - it's like the adage "you wait for one bus, then four buses come along at once." 


Do not freak out! It can be strange to discover it can be so easy, and that you don't need to struggle. That what you once thought and believed is no longer true!

You simply need to ENJOY each interaction, don't get over-excited! Just savour it and send up Thanks of Appreciation. The aim is to stay relaxed, balance and open to the flow. 

These early interactions will come in the forms of you being seen, heard and appreciated by men with sideglances, smiles, welcoming friendly remarks, bumping into male friends, men wanting to help you etc.

The more you relax and enjoy, the more interactions you will continue to have...


Men will start to be on your radar, and you will feel noticed!

It will happen in your ordinary day to day life, doing your thing, at work or doing something that gives you pleasure. When you are most relaxed and in your skin! You just have to slow down enough to see it!

Nb: You can add online dating sites to this, but be warned you can fall into the DIY behaviour much easier if you're not careful! 

Make sure you respond to these men, without judgement, polite, open and kindly - remember you are a GODDESS and this is simply a conversation between you and the UNIVERSAL LOVE. 

Don't get distracted and hooked up in these men or start looking to see if men are noticing you. I promise this will throw you off balance and get you attached to outcomes, instead of enjoying the unfolding journey! 

Just appreciate the conversations, kindness and flirtation. Acknowledge the bits you like about how they look and treat you because everyone one of these interactions is a small universal date.


Stay open and in the flow, and you will start to attract men coming closer, to engage more and ask you for your number or out for a coffee etc. 

[A side note: Communication is an indicator of value and connection! They may want to text you, but this is the time to start selecting if they can communicate with you properly, and not lazily through long text messages and chat boxes.]

Now is the moment to trust your relationship with LOVE with what I call your Internal LOVE GPS. Abraham Hicks calls it your Inner Being.

Will you be led by your EYES and old judgements? Such as " they don't look right or right age, right job etc." 

Or will you listen to LOVE and the physical feeling of being pulled forward (ATTRACTION) or pushed away? ( REJECTION)

If you feel pulled forward and it feels good SWIPE RIGHT and say YES because LOVE & the Universe knows more than you do!


You are now entering a more in-depth sorting phase, so again don't get too attached to it all, so try to stay relaxed and enjoy!

As you engage with these men UNIVERSAL LOVE will begin to push you and show you where you may have some negative beliefs, old emotional wounds and resistance towards men, relationships and be able to trust in LOVE, which will block your path forward in the flow, which you need to feel, address and release. ( More on how to do that in The Big Book Of Love)


Once you have cleared this resistant energy and emotions, like a river, the flow of LOVE will start moving again and build momentum to bring you lots of fun meeting potential men to play with and practise your dating with LOVE skills! 

Swipe Right and say yes, or Swipe Left and say no!

Swiping RIGHT with UNIVERSAL LOVE is all about resonance to the most amount of feeling good, joy, at ease when you are naturally yourself in your alignment with LOVE. 

Simply "do you love being you and feel good when you are with them!"

Swipe Left because you recognise it doesn't feel good or resonate with the fullness of LOVE that you are and your true value.

This experience is a clarifying opportunity to knowing what does resonate and what you want. 

Sometimes that Swipe Left (NO) can also be a NOT QUITE NOW - IM NOT READY! If so, this man will come round again when you are.


The best way to see this is like a board game with the Universe. Each man, interaction and date is a movement forward into MORE LOVE!  

An opportunity to either LOVE YOU MORE or to be sharing MORE LOVE WITH ANOTHER.

As you continue to date these 'opportunities' and swipe with LOVE, you will focus on one man to allow in closer. Do not rush.

You are just entering a new level of the game with the flow of LOVE. 

Now I must note two things here. 

  1. I have not mentioned Sex! Although Sex is absolutely terrific, it is not an indicator of LOVE. In-fact too soon and it can de-stable your trust in yourself, in LOVE, in the guy and confuse your conversation with the Universe and stop the flow. It can force you off balance and obscure your LOVE connection with deceiving chemicals. Sex is a tool in the DIY version of dating as a way to have power and control. When you 'Date With LOVE', you are putting in place the solid foundations for a lasting successful authentic relationship
  2. Even though you are attracted to the man, he seems great, and you feel good around him - you're playmate is the UNIVERSE and so don't get focused and fixated on him and turn away from your connection to love. Just like Sex, you will quickly fall off balance and lose the flow of LOVE. 

Now even though you're at this new level with this one man - it's still the same process of Swiping RIGHT or Swiping LEFT each time you connect. Stay relaxed, have fun and be in the flow is the game and allow the RIGHT GUY to reveal himself to you, guided by UNIVERSAL LOVE. 


YES!! FINALLY!! Play the game, and you will naturally come to the time when you know if you're ready to bring Sex into the equation. You'll be ready because you'll feel stable in and out of the relationship because there is enough of a trusting friendship foundation to progress.

Most importantly, you know you will not lose yourself, get fixated and disconnect from the flow of LOVE the other side it. 

IT NOT - DONT DO IT!! You'll only be making work and perhaps heartbreak & disappointment for yourself later if you do. Be patient and trust in the flow of LOVE to bring the right moment when you are ready instead. 

Each interaction, date and relationship with a man offers a chance to open, go more in-depth and get more intimate with our relationship with LOVE.   


SWIPE LEFT doesn't have to me endings now, just space, slowing pace, refocusing to you and allowing time because you need to accept more LOVE for yourself. Let go of hindering beliefs and old negative emotions that block the flow and trust in LOVE.

Or SWIPE RIGHT and continue with the flow, have more fun together and enjoy the unfolding, because it feels so good!

Now back to this 'how to keep a man question'. 

As I said earlier when we DIY date we are coming from scarcity, hard work and lack of self-worth/trust beliefs which hold us apart from the flow of LOVE! It's like trying to swim upstream to get what we want.

Remember the Law Of Attraction will always reflect back what you're putting out. 

Flow downstream instead by allowing LOVE & the Universe to do the attraction, by maintaining a secure connection to LOVE with balance, self-love and trust, and you'll be ready to attract a man who is the FULL PACKAGE!  

With a relationship that connects and satisfies you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sexually more naturally.

With a robust energetic connection like that, we do not need to hold onto him, but instead, you can continue to surrender to trust, relax and enjoy the unfolding...



If you're seeking MORE LOVE because you desire to;

*Feel happy being YOU every day!

*Attract & date YOUR RIGHT LOVER with ease & grace using The Law Of Attraction!

*Improve a current relationship for more joy, fun, intimacy & communication!

*Have a stronger connection to The Universe, Big LOVE, spirituality and your intuition...


Much Love

Jo xx

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