FAQ Videos & membership Questions

#1: I Know What I Want, But I Don't Have Enough Money?

#2: What's Happening When Manifesting is Not Working?

#3: I Don't Understand? Stuck In the Problem



#1 Where Can I Get Full Details On How To Work With Jo?

All details on how to work with me in F.L.O.W Goddess -- are available in the brochure: Click Here!

#2 Are The Memberships/ Programmes Digital Or Live?

My work is split between digital content you can access through a membership portal, with a combination of videos, meditations and journal prompts for you work on in your own time. Then the rest of the time it is a live & energetic experience delivered via Zoom or in the members group as coaching and Q& A sessions. 

#3 How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Results are what everyone wants and yet it is very individual and dependent on what you are desiring and the level of resistance you are starting with. I have had clients manifest powerful life transformative results in hours and days and yet for other things take steps in a process to unfold with a manifestation over months and years. I would recommend visiting my client stories both for manifesting and empowerment as they go hand in hand and you can see the level and depth of results that are possible for you too: Read Client Results Here!

#4 Can I Get A Refund?

Here is my full refund policy ( plus privacy & disclaimer) Click Here!


Thank you !

For over two decades I’ve guided visionary female leaders, healers & entrepreneurs to create their ideal, rich life experience and release limited patterns, trauma templates & negative energetic vibrations.

Innate energy healer & former Olympic Trainee/Professional Sportswoman, turned Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist, Law Of Manifesting Expert and High Performance Coach & Biz Consultant – & Author of The Big Book of Love!

I’ve guided these women ( and men at times) to claim their truth, freedom and voice - embrace next-level magnetic power and manifest a rich life of abundance, love, freedom and success aligned with their unique soul desires & life brand - live life on their terms!