TQ V3 (900 x 300 px)

Day 1: Gets To Be Easier!

✅ Life As A Game  - Quantum Shift: Understanding the Game Of life and your power to Quantum Shift Time!

Take Charge Of Time  - Meditation
✅ Listen to this meditation everyday through TQ and as many times as you need to reprogramme your mind and beliefs.

20 Min Training Video:
✅ Why it gets to be easier!
✅ How "Busy" - is a the trauma response!
✅ Reprogramming your mind & nervous system to take charge of Time!

✅ Learn to speed up, slow down, expand and contract time.
Tapping Exercise: to calm your nervous system for "Relaxed Time"

Day 2: Taking Charge Of Time!

26 Mins Training Video

✅ Full Moon & My Vulnerable Share To Show Shifting A Trauma Response And Timelines!
✅ Safe To F*ck Up, As Can't Really!
✅ Practical Chunking & Shifting Time Scales!
✅ 2% Increase With Compound Practice!
✅ False Time Economy & Good Time Economy !
Tapping Exercise To Allow Yourself To Be Supported Fully!

Day 3: Clear Priorities

Timeline Activation:
✅ Listen to this activation as many times as you need to collapsing & choosing your highest serving timeline.

20 Min Training Video:

✅ My Real Life Example: How To Shift Resistance & Collapse Time
✅ The #8 Time Hacks Cheatsheet (PDF)
✅ Bringing Quantum Dreams & Visions Into Reality With This Key Thing...

Day 4: Q&A Deep Dive To Fine Tune

✅ This Deep Dive Q&A Session Explores The Fine Tuning Of Quantum Shifting Time & Space & How We Interact With Other People.

BONUS: Watch & Read: "You Are Not Here To Work!

Day 5: BONUS Training & Tapping 

8 Minute Mini Training: 

✅To Wrap Up The WHY behind Time Queen and offer some bonus insights of the back of the Q&A and go deeper.

Tapping For Confidence & Success!

✅Use this powerful and fun tapping exercise as many times as you want to boost our confidence, self belief and celebrate yourself!

Next Steps!

I hope that you have found this a truly powerful experience and have put everything into practice and see how it works for you because it truly does...NO the next best step though is to show you around "RISE & SHINE Your Magnetic Frequency" because when you are struggling with TIME, space and boundaires it is teh result of having an energy battery that is running low and you are hitting upper limits - Glass ceilings, so its time to pump up, dnd inflate like an abundant balloon and rise above into your new levels of abundance and delight in life.

Sneak Peak Of Rise & Shine!
( *Behind the scenes)

HK Test V2600 × 500 px)
`val Test V2600 × 500 px)
dina Test V2600 × 500 px)