What’s Your Kind Of Abundance?

Do you allow Abundance in your life, your body, your mind?

If you were to have more money, resources, energy & time what would that look like and really mean to you? ( *Be Honest With Yourself!)

Abundance comes from the Divine Feminine FLOW of ALL creation!

If we have lower density beliefs about money, abundance and spirituality — the flow dries up and keeps us locked in limited in resources, hitting a glass ceiling, and lacking in freedom and choice!


I used to subconsciously believe that;

“If I had financial wealth I would be forced to buy a big house, because that’s what your supposed to do when you have money, is show it off!

Big houses to me meant being cold & alone – mixing with people who were emotionally cold & detached and feeling deeply alone !”

This belief was founded on my past experiences growing up surrounded by ‘Old & New Money’ & stopped me from allowing wealth 💵 for a huge part of my life!

As a result it also stopped me having enough, and more than enough — resources, peace of mind, mental & physical health, trust, travel, playing etc!

It left me feeling inadequate & dependant in unhealthy and imbalanced relationships!

I was in a constant battle between needing, but only allowing enough crumbs to sustain me, then fighting and struggling for my desires that I didn’t I could achieve!

I was always living on the edge anxious & aware that I didn’t have enough ( of anything) & ironically living in physical coldness, hunger & powerless! I felt deep deep shame around not having money/energy/resources — needing money/energy/resources — and wanting more money/energy/resources!


I often chose NOT TO EAT, so I could afford to do something I wanted to – like socialising with other people or following my passion!

In my early twenties I would even go on dates with men, just so they could buy me a meal

The exchange was to have some level of emotional happiness I had to sacrifice my body’ basic needs & well-being! But without physical wellbeing I wasn’t really experiencing happiness within, just small hit of joy from other people!

Finally discovering about 💰Divine Wealth & Abundance allowed me to transform my life & change my relationship with receiving forever!


The bliss of being able to BUY my weekly food shop without anxiously counting pennies  💵 & looking at prices  – instead just buying what I wanted to eat!

That meant being able to buy healthy fresh vegetables & fruit abundantly and no longer having to eat cheap carbs and starch that my body rejects, cannot digest and causes me psychical pain!

The totally joy of being able to easily afford having the heating on whenever I wanted!

Or to have as many baths 🛁 or showers as I wished!

These small shifts are so important in giving us a platform to quantum shift into more expansive thriving!

Next, I moved into being able to travel as much as I wished & refurbish my home, and buy the ART I desired!💍

I adore food and particularly sharing food with others. So claiming going out for dinner and being able to pay for myself without some form of exchange, then being able to treat my loved ones too!

The utter joy of being able to be GENEROUS with money 💵with friends, family,  supporting charities and with myself was so far my previous experiences and so much more aligned with my SOUL!


My whole mental, emotional, physical demeanour & energetic frequency changed, as I was able to relax deeper into life, breathe deeper & go with the flow  — each step opened me up to living my Soul Purpose.

Above all I gained CHOICE and FREEDOM to accept & claim what I desired, not longer having to simply accept what I was given by others or the Universe!

I became a co-creator and no longer a child in woman’s body!

Everything is interlinked – so if you think 💵Money & Abundance doesn’t matter, your lying to yourself…

Money can be an extension of LOVE, of the Universe & in flow with the Divine Feminine & as abundant as the Goddess!

It can allow you total freedom & deeply support your Souls Journey…

— or it can be the absolute opposite!

It all depends on your emotional energetic frequency & present perception!!

The one thing that’s for sure is that the physical and spiritual Abundance that comes from being in alignment with the 💛Divine Feminine FLOW — feels Spacious, Expansive, Rich and Secure!

It doesn’t have to be flashy, but it can be if you wish, just as long as it resonates with your SOUL!

If this resonates, your next step is simple is discover how I can help you… CLICK HERE!

Much Love

Jo xx