Why You Must Stop Feeling Guilty For Being Too Much!

Does this resonate or sound totally insane to you?

 I mustn’t be too much! I must keep being quieter, smaller, less joyful and happy.

I mustn’t shine to bright with Love and magnetic radiance.

I mustn’t have too much money, freedom, pleasure, love etc..

Because it should sound nuts!

Yet it is this limiting pattern of beliefs that so many of us are walking around trying to live with, programmed into our brain and body.

Whilst breaking our own hearts, blocking our souls and separated from the full JOY of being you and limiting the LOVE & resources which wants to come to us…

— until WE decide to claim a NEW programme & be willing to learn something NEW to have what we desire within!


Don’t be TOO BIG! ( because then I can’t handle or control you… )

Can you hear that this is a child that has been domesticated to be GOOD!

To be contained and controllable and to fit in with the Family ( herd)

Of course there is always an appropriate time for some of this to keep you safe, whilst you’re small…

But NOW as an adult, why should having plenty of money, abundance and success be a negative thing and instead not keep you safer?

Why shouldn’t being joyful and happy and radiating that LOVE through you to magnetise the same resonance back be anything less than GOOD and wonderful?


For me DON’T BE TOO BIG also crossed into being FAT – too big meant being FAT.

And being FAT was an imperfection and sin in my maternal family and the society I grew up in. Being thin & small is how as a women I was supposed be accepted, wanted and loved in the world, by others and therefore be SAFE.

This was emphasised in my own family because my female ancestors were all 5ft, small and did not do sport… I am 5.7 and athletic and curvy.

I was always on a losing streak and failing before I even started.


However in the LAW OF LIFE, The Universe and Nature – BIGGER Is Better.

Not trying to be bigger than you are but the fullest version of YOU.

Such as if you are a small delicate daisy – you will still be the fullest version of that daisy because anything less is death.

Whereas the rose MUST always seek to BLOOM its brightest colours and fragrance.

It NEVER seeks to hide away and not be seen, because for the survival of the FLOWER it needs to be seen to pollinate and so it must thrive.


For a long time I was deeply afraid and ashamed of being TOO FAT, TOO BIG, TOO MUCH!

So I was living in conflicting energy that was affecting my money, my love life, my business and my health!

The ENERGY of Love, creation and my soul was saying BECOME MORE, and therefore receive more and have more, as a match to my embodied frequency.

Because that is what I not only deserve but am naturally supposed to have in alignment with LIFE force

— YET I was still holding too much guilt every time I became TOO MUCH in some way.

Too abundant, too joyful and energetic, too beautiful and radiant, too sexy and passionate, too seen and heard in the fullness of my Soul expressing its divine self in the world.


God was saying YES but I was emotionally & energetically saying YES and No!

So this would keep blocking, breaking, hurting and stopping the flow of my life, because I was putting out mixed messages to the Universe and Life.

Like driving with 3 wheels of the car going forward and 1 going backwards!

We are ALL here to be BIG, Abundant and thrive!

To embody our true bigness – our abundance of SELF, our SOUL, heart, joy & passion — OF LOVE!

Living a life that matches that frequency with riches, relationships and resources to support us…

Just as the rose receives water, sunshines, bees and butterflies, we too must receive an abundance of relationships, sex pleasure, fun, satisfaction, money, food etc.

Unlike in your family as a child where you felt or experienced some LACK of either resources, or energy, Love, affection, space, money — the Universe is not only Abundant it is infinite.

And it wants us and needs us to allow ourselves to receive and be in the full GOODNESS of life, filling our boots >> without fears of being too big for them.

And the funny thing is as we allow this NATURAL expansion of who we are and what we have in all forms…

We no longer need to prove anything but instead LIVE in far more harmony, LOVE and Joy BEING who we are!