Why Was I Afraid Of Having Love & Prosperity?

“I’m scared that if I open up and allow more physical manifestation of prosperity and Love – I will feel lonely and cold again…”

Sounds insane even writing it, but this unconscious belief kept controlling my life and holding me in lack and poverty!

We cant see, what we can’t see and only know what, what we know — I was sure I was ready for the next and new level of abundance in my life. I felt willing to be open to all vulnerability and move into Love…

Accept this hindering belief kept showing up, manifested in my life when I tried to not only have my physical desires ( not just spiritual/energetic) even to dream about them.

I would surrender to LOVE and then it would keep showing where I was energetically blocked in fear…and so I would manifest all of the good stuff and the blocks of lack and resistance too.

Ready For More

At that point, my life things were so much better than it had previously been!

I now had a home I adored with a sea view, a new car I loved and was fast and fun, great friends who got me and good relationship with my family. I was healthy and fit and had a business I was loving and growing and creativity in all that I did.

I was feeling good and it looked good and yet I knew I and my life was ready for an upgrade.

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I had started at a 2/10 and I was now living more consistently at 6/10 and so it seemed really great — but actually I am worthy of living between 8/10 -10/10.

I could feel what I wanted was the abundance that matched my new self-worth and my rich vibration, but I couldn’t see it, so for while I had been praying, letting it go, surrendering and accepting that when it was time and I was happy and it would shift.

Love Presented My Fear Block To MORE

My prayers answered the Universe presented an opportunity where I was asked to do a vision board with some work friends.

Now I don’t really see the point of these has the asking and putting in Vortex has already been done by living, yet I was open to see if it could help me receive clarity.

I knew I wanted more money and I wanted to play with money more. I wanted to be in a bigger, richer fuller intimate relationship with a man I could share my joy with. I wanted to travel more because I love exploring and new experiences and I knew in time I would want a new home, but no idea where.

As the others got on with their vision boards with eagerness, I felt more and more resistance. I was struggling to choose anything, as I was so clouded by emotion.

I simply saw flat pictures of big houses, posh cars and travel destinations. What was supposed to trigger my excitement and what now was triggering was my resistance and an emotional spiral.

My Fear Of Abundance Of Love

I was struggling. “I don’t know what I want,” I said to my friend. Then as I began to talk it began to pour out of me. 

I grew up around big houses, fast cars and all these ideas of luxury. I have lived in stately homes and manor houses and I mixed in this world of this stuff you want, but my experience of it was cold and extremely lonely.” 

Each life experience became a belief which in turn generated more life experiences based on my perception was one of being cold and hungry for love, affection and even food – where I longed for warmth, safety and comfort.

That environment had never been satisfying to be around and so why would anyone want to move towards having these things. To having MORE; if more is a more of nothing good!

Having these things would equal [in my perception] less of what I desired and needed  – LOVE  – warm, hot, fun, connection, joy and playmates.

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My Fear was that if I opened up and allowed more of the physical manifestation I would end up feeling lonely, cold and hungry again  – I would actually be in lack, not abundance.

It also translated into intimate relationships as well, that if I allowed a relationship with more ‘abundant’ man who was financially secure himself – I would receive less love.

I was scared of being alone, lonely, cold and hungry and so it made perfect sense and my mind/body/energy was doing the right thing to protect me and resist having more money and stuff.

As though they were connected! This is where my brain had got it wrong, but also it was right….

Abundance With Love

Once I could see it I could also forgive myself for falsely protecting myself.

I accepted where I had felt a lack of LOVE energy and had always understood on some level that material things did not create LOVE and warmth.

Yet my fear had been creating more of what I feared. So I thanked LOVE and released the energy and let LOVE heal me.

With the eyes of LOVE from an aligned mind and body, I knew a different path — that when LOVE flows and leads then money and material prosperity can follow with great satisfaction.

I can and do now have MORE of material abundance whilst having a wealth of never-ending LOVE. I can feel HOT, warm, joyful, happy, blissed out, excited, free, calm and eager about what’s coming and enjoy the now.

There will never be a lack because I am not looking to those things to fulfil me, I am already fulfilled by LOVE.

That LOVE satisfies me, fuels me, guides me and supports me. That the whole Universe matches not only my complete trust in the power of LOVE and it, but also my deep rich self LOVE and worth.

It was easy to then allow myself to expand and have more because that is what love is doing to me and through me and its what LOVE wants. Love wants me to have all that feels good, excites and I can play with because it’s natural. As long as I know where the FUEL of Abundance comes from and tap into it.



If you’re seeking MORE LOVE because you desire to;

*Feel happy being YOU every day!

*Attract & date YOUR RIGHT LOVER with ease & grace using The Law Of Attraction!

*Improve a current relationship for more joy, fun, intimacy & communication!

*Have a stronger connection to The Universe, Big LOVE, spirituality and your intuition…


Much Love

Jo xx

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