Winning The Game Of Life

Life is a game – FACT!

What kind of game is down to us and dependent on our frequency and mindset.

We get to decide if we wish to see it as a game of chance,  journey of struggle and lessons or a game of empowerment, growth and up-levelling.

And we get to decide.

Like all games, there comes a point to “rise up to the next levels”, to accept success, be winners and get the rewards.

Yet if we choose to see ourselves as losers or pretend it is not a game that can be deeply enjoyed and shared with those around you, we stay stuck.

Often out of an illusion of kindness to make other people feel happy, feel comfortable, feel safe – even if we do not feel any of those things.

The great thing about this game of life is it will give you opportunities to WAKE UP & SHAKE UP your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

Such as, I was recently with my dog Faith being at deaths door who has thankfully has now improved and stabilised, it made me truly think about the potential life change and what it will mean and what I want moving forward.

It’s never too late to change your mind, shift your perspective and experience something new…

We can either wait for life to shake it up for us or decide now to shift into the frequency, mindset and embodiment being a winner.

Jo x