Women, Why Money Is The Last Barrier To Love!

Do you know that your current money relationship could be blocking the TRUE LOVE you desire?

As women, our relationship with MONEY has been flawed, twisted and hindered, over generations until, as modern women, we claim independence, Self Love and empowerment as equals — yet still often choose to leave our financial relationship in the dark ages!

With ancestral wounding and confused teaching over money, we have been conditioned to either CONTROL IT, AVOID IT, REJECT IT, FEAR IT or WAIT for a man to come along to deal with it.

So that our financial relationship is like a large thorn in our side causing us stress and pain  — instead of something wonderful, joyful and truly liberating!

Whether we are self-employed or working for someone else MONEY can seem like a necessary EVIL!

Not because it is a bad or a sin, but simply because to have it and have the freedom, ease & peace of mind we know deep down it should bring — we believe we must sacrifice our time, our joy and most of our energy by striving, struggle and working hard to get more of it!


Over the decades have been told and shown by MEN that is the only way it can show up and to have more  — the more we must give of ourselves to have it!

We have all hated the way our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, boyfriends have been work-alcoholics chasing the dime, never present, depleted and exhausted by this behaviour!

Yet as women stepped into our power and claimed so-called equality, we actually stepped into doing exactly the same behaviour!

Caught in the same lie and ignoring what our inner knowing was telling us…

As a result, some women chose to AVOID having a relationship with MONEY, so like AVOIDING LOVE, it causes a deficiency and in time creates DEBT, because like LOVE and connection we need it to survive and thrive…

Others choose to hold on to money, CONTROL it and fight with it as though they fear being ABANDONED by it!

Whilst many women still believe that they only have to just scrap-on-by until a man (masculine) comes along and they can rescind their relationship with it entirely and he can SAVE them from MONEY, as part of the marriage contract!

He can be the provider all they want and desire…

None of these patterns are aligned with FEMALE EMPOWERMENT or your SOUL!


It is not separate from the LAWS of the UNIVERSE — but responds clearly to our INDIVIDUAL perceptions of it!

The physical currency you hold and exchange is just a manifestation, that we as a collective have created to make life easier for ourselves!

Easier for our communities to grow and expand, as we exchange it for services and goods, instead of exchanging chickens, spices or fruit.


Our Money relationship is one that individually we need to free and elevate from the DRAMA, KARMA & FALSE BELIEFS of the old ancestral patriarchy, which had disconnected itself from the Divine Feminine FLOW of the Universe.

To claim instead new LOVING, pleasurable, higher emotional frequency beliefs about MONEY and the financial flow that resonate with our SOUL and Divine Feminine Self!

Return home to the TRUTH we knew as children, knew instinctively before we choose to shun as silly and foolish.

Return to the MAGIC & FUN of MONEY FLOW!

Take a moment and think about how you felt the first time you had your own money as a child?

Perhaps from gifts or perhaps from your first job. Your first UNTAINTED experience having your OWN money in your hands.

How it smelt in your hands?

How did it feel knowing it was yours?

The JOY of it, the fun of it, the pleasure of it, the excitement as you counted it and dreamt about what you would do with it.

The feeling & experience even just for a moment of Freedom, possibilities and choice!

This is how your SOUL feels about MONEY  – That it is joyful to have it in your life, to have your own to play with as an adult!


As women, we have been claiming our voices, our rights, and opportunities to do as we desire.

We have been learning to reclaim our LOVE of self, that we need to fulfil our own needs and connected to our own happiness and SOUL.

That it is our responsibility to know & learn how to make ourselves happy & care for our WELL BEING if we want to have a healthy successful relationship with A PARTNER!

That we must NOURISH & nurture ourselves and release the PAST to move forward feeling secure and confident.

So it is essential that WE MUST ACCEPT that includes being nourished financially and materially secure & nurtured, and take full responsibility for that, as part of our SELF LOVE!


If we don’t tend to Financial Relationship Issues, we not only block our own power to give ourselves security, peace and freedom but will be in conflict with our SOUL!

We will be giving our power away to external decision-makers in jobs, careers, government and in co-dependent Lower Vibe relationship patterns dependent on another for MONEY – to provide or manage money!

With this mentality, we will always be UNMEET & UNSEEN in an intimate relationship because we are putting out to the UNIVERSE we need to be saved and rescued from the BIG BAD MONEY like a child in distress!

This stops us from ever being EQUALS and blocks the flow of SOUL Connection and TRUE LOVE from manifesting in a healthy successful relationship!


I am not saying we cannot be with a wealthy partner!

In fact, once we have a healthy MONEY relationship we will most likely attract a partner who is financially secure too, but we have no attachment or NEED from it!

We are no longer afraid of WEALTH; their capacity to be wealthy and abundant or our OWN!

We instead choose from true LOVE flow, Soul calling, deep intimacy and connection!

The Universe and the LAW OF ATTRACTION will only ever reflect back the Emotional Frequency and beliefs we have about a subject in relation to our SOUL!

If they are in harmony we will see POSITIVE, profitable & abundant manifestations.

If they are in conflict and disempowering our energy we will see the manifestations of Lack, depletion, debt and sacrifice!

The power is ours to finally transform our financial relationship and be in charge of how we are nurtured, nourished, supported & pleasured by MONEY!

Only then can truly set ourselves FREE and LOVE free in intimate relationships and let our SOUL led the way!

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Jo xx

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