Do you believe you’re worthy of having Love abundantly, with ease in your life and in your relationships?

Do you currently allow LOVE, prosperity and joy to flow freely to you and from you?

I can guess not, or not as much as you wish!

Perhaps you want to and deep-down know this is how it should be, but you still feel like you have to work hard for everything.

Perhaps though you don’t even have enough time, money, energy, freedom or affection for yourself, let alone abundantly? 


Our civilised society as long perpetuated a restrictive and false belief that self-worth and worthiness for LOVE and abundance is dependant on, and in response to how much effort we put in!

That we only receive from others, life, the Universe if we work hard and prove ourselves to be worthy.

Yet if this were the truth, and effort indeed equalled results, then we all would have grown up in wealthy, abundant, prosperous, loving households and have perfect bodies and fabulous, successful relationships. 

But it’s not how The Universe ( or Law of Attraction) works.

It is also not how the most truly well-rounded successful people in the world have become abundant! Not just financially wealthy, but happy, healthy and deeply connected to Love for themselves and in with great relationships. 

Instead, these people have learnt to harness the laws of the Universe, by remembering and accepting their true worth and embracing a higher emotional frequency of LOVE, joy, excitement, fun and peace, so they naturally receive because they already FEEL more than good enough!


Sadly judging ourselves and others by physical or emotional effort is conditional attention and a limited kind of love. The rewards will always be slim-pickings out of balance to the amount of energy we put in to achieve it. 

It is unsatisfying and an exhausting behaviour, which will always amount to not having enough of what we need, whilst we strive for what we think we desire. 

Yet we are all born innately knowing that we are entirely worthy of unconditional LOVE and abundance, that’s why kids are so joyful. But we gradually absorb the conditional beliefs around us to fit in with the herd that is our family, community or society.

Those external conditions always come from FEAR and nothing good ever comes from FEAR. 

Fear is like a black hole that is never satisfied and drains all hope, Love and positive belief if it is allowed to rule. It cannot deliver any form of true growth or abundance and only produce more of its self – more of is own vibe. That’s physics!


Feeling unworthy is a response to growing up, surrounded by other people’s energy of FEAR, which we have embodied as our own. We absorbed it and swallowed it down. The result is an innate feeling of being unsafe and insecure.

We feel unworthy of having MORE because we sensed the feeling of lack of LOVE energy ( not enough love) from our families and community growing up and instead absorbed their FEAR energy.

They could only ever give what they had available, so instead, we accept it must be us who is wrong, bad or not good enough for having what we truly desire.

When in fact it was our environment that was not abundant in LOVE energy, because those who loved us, did not love or value themselves enough, did not give love to themselves, so they were depleted in resources. 



This belief pattern is only something we can free ourselves from by making small leaps of faith to change the status quo and relearning to believe that it is our birthright to be worthy and embrace our natural essence of abundance. 

The change will happen bit by bit, as we gradually reconnect to that innate knowing and allow ourselves to feel that we are already worthy. As we learn to DO LESS and ALLOW MORE.

When we focus our attention on what feels right and better to us individually and steadily, our emotional vibration uplifts and increases, and we receive more value back from the world—reflected in the form of our relationships, wellbeing, money, careers etc. 

It’s not to say we won’t do action, but instead, it will be smart and inspired action that feels natural, creative, easier, takes far less effort and is even exciting, as though powered along by some hidden force. 

Firstly though we have to learn to embrace the desire to be a bit lazy!

Being a bit lazy and relaxing enables us to become receptive to the energy of LOVE and natural abundance from the Universe that is available everywhere for us if we slow down enough to catch up!


We are all worthy of LOVE and Abundance now. Think about it we are walking miracles of faith, science and nature!

We are powerhouses of universal creative energy that is LOVE, like all living beings and like all of nature.

We never have to be unloved because we are LOVE in our cells, tissues, bones, muscles, in our limbs, torso, hair, eyes and the list goes on. We are chargeable batteries of creative LOVE energy, and we can be as full of LOVE as we desire!

Looking at the big picture makes it easier to return to accepting unconditional Love and letting go of the control of FEAR.

Think you don’t have to control your lungs to breathe or make your heart pump. You don’t control the sun and work hard to get it to rise every morning. You don’t pollinate the plants – we all accept that these things will happen all day every day. This is an abundance of LIFE. 

We are forever surrounded in sunlight even if we can’t always see it through the clouds.  That is abundance too. 

Of course, we can add material abundance too by acknowledging the electricity and water supplies that flow through every home that allows us to cook, be warm, be clean and soak in baths or showers. Our delicious beds where we can relax and feel safe. The food we get to eat, cook, create and easily buy. The list goes on and on. No matter how things seem we are surrounded by an abundance of life.

Abundance surrounds us daily in a million ways, we just to refocus towards it, accept it and appreciate it to have more of it.


By doing practices like walking in nature or meditating for 15 minutes every day can help soften and relax our mind and body to be receptive to the energy of LOVE, recharge and fill up our resources, so we become buoyant with LOVE. 

We rise like a balloon floating high into the air, above the old judgements and beliefs that no longer serve us or anyone else.

As we allow more LOVE energy to flow through our whole being and the Universe matches this fuller vibration, it upgrades our life on a rising tide abundance just as it does when we are in the LESS vibration of FEAR. 


Fear will argue and try to stop you, like some powerful Demon who does not want to die. Still, the best thing to do is shake it off – it’s just old chemicals in your brain and negative energy that is being cleared away by the energy of LOVE.

Shake it off by doing some exercise, dance, shout and then mediate and get back into alignment with LOVE to keep flowing.

Start each day choosing LOVE as your alter to serve at and your body the temple in which LOVE can reside in, so it can flow forward into every aspect of your day. That’s how worthy you are genuinely are! 

Your day will become easy and pleasurable, and opportunities begin to unfold as your desires for MORE come to you and all you have to do is allow them and accept them when they arrive.

The hard work is not yours – it’s the job of the Universe to organise and arrange and the more you can trust this process, the more it can give to you.

Your job is learning to receive gracefully, with curiosity, joy and above all appreciation. Then you will see an abundant return on the effort you put in, into any area of your life!


It is a choice to whom you want to believe – other people who have lack and work hard work and struggle who will judge you as you are judging yourself without Love —- or to choose LOVE.

To put the Love for yourself first, and to learn to trust once again in the LOVE you know deep within, even if it is a faint echo that still lingers. To be a fool and believe in the power of LOVE.

But if you’re feeling doubt then ask yourself if you think judgement, fear and unworthiness worked for you or anyone else?

Has the behaviour of hard work and chasing external acceptance and conditional rewards given anyone you know the full rich life and love they desire or is it taking from every or another aspect of their life to achieve one success?


However, if you’ve been intrigued by this article, then the Universe is answering you. It knows you are ready for MORE LOVE, accepting your self-worth and embracing an abundance of LOVE in your life and relationships.

Then click the heading above to check out The Big Book of Love and put The LOVE back into Your Life. 

Much Love

Jo xx

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  1. Mary on January 25, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    Love it!!

    • Ian on January 28, 2020 at 8:12 pm

      I have been divorced twice now. And would like to know where I failed. We had 4 children in the first one and 2 in the second. Both came about by her straying

      • Jo Warwick on January 29, 2020 at 11:59 am

        Hi Ian, It is a decision if you need to look back and analyse ( then you will need counselling/therapy) but if you want to release the energy of the past, realign with love and what you deserve in the future then subscribe and use the Big Love meditations and read the Big Book Of Love.

    • Jo Warwick on February 1, 2020 at 1:42 pm

      Thanks Mary <3

  2. Josephine on January 29, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    I enjoy it l should be doing this now l realize l can l like to learn n read more thank you P.S you open my eyes🌹🤗

    • Jo Warwick on January 29, 2020 at 4:41 pm

      Im so pleased <3