Alisons Journey

8 weeks ago I knew I needed help ! 

I had been pushing myself to stretch out of my comfort zones in all areas of my life & my body was reacting with illness & injury !


I knew I needed help & as often happens help appeared - Jo popped into my Facebook Feed.

Although I had no idea who Jo was or how she worked , I trusted that Love Goddess was right for me.

I must admit their were times on the journey that felt uncomfortable & I felt I was going backwards, but looking back (isn’t hindsight an Amazing thing !! )

I realise now that I had to face my old patterns of feeling powerless to Empower myself by breaking through them ...& I did !!!


The support of the group was beautiful, which is something I hadn’t experienced before & the channeled healing sessions felt amazing & powerful.

Having a morning routine & meditation practice was also so grounding.

I realised I had been on a journey for many years, I thought I needed to know more, be more & do more to feel enough...

But after each training I was always given the same message - you are already enough !

But still I felt something was missing & so I continued on that journey.


During Love Goddess on week 3-4 I had a Huge Breakthrough!

I realised that the problem wasn't feeling ‘not enough’  !

I had felt unsafe & powerless because I was giving my Power Away to others!

By not speaking up, not standing up for myself, not recognising my own needs & not setting boundaries.

The truth was I was making everyone else’s needs more important than my own because of a Limiting Belief from childhood of ‘I need to be seen as Perfect’ AHA !!

I used the journalling & self reflection practice along with the morning meditations, Breath work & embodiment practices to let go of the old beliefs & patterns!

And as things came up in my life I intentionally practiced doing the opposite to my old familiar patterns to break out of the old shell.

I’m so happy to say I feel totally different 8 weeks on at the end of this journey.


Last year I gave myself the theme of Freedom.

It stated with following a calling & taking a months solo trip to Bali to see if that it the place I’d like to live in the future- it is !

Step 2 was selling my home & place of work for 20 years & all of my possessions to let go of attachments to be able to step into my new life .

Step 3 , although I hadn’t realised at the time was signing up for Love Goddess!

To let go of the old limiting beliefs that were limiting my life .

I’m now Free to be me !!


This week I shared in a post


Reclaiming all of the parts of us that we had previously hidden, rejected or abandoned & reclaiming our voice & owning our truth - the good, the bad & the ugly, the parts that we felt unable to share or even admit to.

I know now that I can TRUST in MYSELF to have my own back & that’s EMPOWERING!

I also know now that because I am no longer willing to abandon or betray myself, that is a story of the past !

I have tears of Gratitude as I write this .

Now I am Free to be unapologetically me , I need a new Theme .....

I’m choosing Love not Fear !

With Love .x