I came to THE LOVE GODDESS programme feeling very stuck with very low morale.

I was divorced & turning 50 and I'd been living with engrained patterns of despair, fear and stress from chronic childhood trauma and abuse.

Jo’s incredible energy and work have helped make the shifts happen so fast and the changes were huge but feel so easy. She is incredibly unique – her joy was infectious and inspiring!

I now have an appreciation of myself, claimed my joy and now I am open to a fresh new path.


😲 Releasing hurt, pain, GUILT, anger, frustration – hitting the treacle at the bottom but still being able to walk through it and allow it to thin out and flow away has been incredible to recognise and it has revealed to me my deep inner strength.

Having been given the understanding now that it is old energy; that it no longer has a place and simply allowing it to rise and go has been massive!!!

As life situations arise I now observe them, rather than be in them.

No longer allowing life to overwhelm me and over dramatise it all!!

I have been able to see it is other people’s stuff and new boundaries have played a massive part in that.

Realising that I do not need to fix other people’s issues and I do not need to seek validation that way.


💚 I look at my beautiful smile and twinkling eyes and say YES to me. Realising that I do not need to fit with “the norm”.

Being divorced is ok and just because I am not part of a couple does not mean I cannot love and does not mean I don’t receive love.

The love I now feel for myself and I need from no one else is just ….WOW! 💛💛💛

I see couples holding hands and rather than envy I can say I appreciate that is something I would love but I don’t need. I feel happy for them as they walk on by.


🤩 Having hated and avoided touching my body for so long, now I'm showing myself daily love and care.

Wow-what a difference!

I now hold my body and appreciate it. My boobs are awesome and I adore my curves and softness.

I love moving my body and stretching it especially first thing in the morning.

Hugging myself is an absolute game changer! I love hugs and have missed them, so being able to self-soothe is amazing and becoming very natural.

The most beautiful, exquisite thing for me is being able to embrace the quiet and the peace and my inner knowing. This is huge for me!

Previously my mind would not stop and I overthought everything and catastrophised everything – now I can stop and think about what is going on here – what do I need to know – it is ok to stop and rest a while – trust.

I notice how my energy is so different – it is no longer heavy!

I feel lighter – my body feels “ahhhhhhhh” – I can feel into my body and it has an ease about it.

I stand taller.


🤩 “Little Cathy” can play now with freedom and joy.

She is no longer trapped, curled up crying and aching for love. She can be hugged and held and soothed and she can make mistakes and just try to have a go.

She is curious and wants to learn new things because her brain is not overloaded with old stories and fear now.

I am allowed to laugh – I am not too loud, and I can be quiet but not because I have been told to do so.

I love the breakthrough with my art!

Just doing it – not worrying about the outcome – knowing how passionately I feel in my belly that I want to develop my art – letting it flow.

I am now filling whatever time I have by showing up to the paints and removing the need for it to be perfect.


I feel such huge appreciation for meeting all three beautiful women in this intimate group  – for the honesty, the truth and the beautiful love that has been shared.

It has been a connection I have not felt before.💛💛💛

Jo also supported me with a very poignant issue regarding my miscarriages and her kindness and care through that weekend made me feel so very loved, safe and held and that helped an enormous shift and healing with something I had held onto for a very long time.

I had listened to Jo’s podcasts for a couple of years and read both Big Books of Love – I wish that I had done this sooner but then the timing wouldn’t have been right!

It has been a joy to be part of this group that Jo has joyfully facilitated.

I feel very privileged to have experienced this in my life and met all the lovely goddesses. Thank you Jo! xx

"I am in my joy
I move around with grace and ease
I love
I laugh
I cry as it arises and I bless those tears as they flow away
I see my beautiful body with all its imperfections and I’m thankful for its grace and strength
I love
I giggle
I soothe
I feel playful; alive
I love – and give thanks to all that’s gone before
I AM …beautiful, brave, sensual, powerful me…
A beautiful Goddess"