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If someone had told me 6 months ago I would be on my way to France, alone, to stay with a stranger in the middle of the French countryside I would have laughed scornfully and said ooh I couldn’t possibly do that, I am not ready for something like that – it’s way too scary.

Nevertheless, a tiny voice in my head was urging me to seek something more, to turn my life around from one of always looking after everyone else and work out what I wanted.

I knew it had to involve facing some demons but I wasn’t sure how to go about it...

Traditional counselling didn’t feel quite right because it didn’t go deep enough and involved rehashing all the painful, negative things that had resulted in me feeling so stuck and trapped.

Then I discovered a woman who was a former client of Jo's and read her journey from ME to getting back into her body and engaged with the world.

This was what I was looking for...


I'd had ME myself for many years and knew deep down that this was largely caused by giving too much to others and not enough to myself, a habit my entire life!

Having experienced a series of significant losses over recent years I was bruised and battered and very much closed down emotionally.

When I started working with Jo it was so hard to see how any of it was going to work but her patience, persistence and firm, yet loving approach started to open my heart, body and mind to new possibilities.


My beautiful dog of 9 years had died earlier in the year and I had told myself I needed to wait before getting a new one, despite missing the doggy presence in my life so much. When Jo said ‘If you want a dog why don’t you get one?’ it was like a door had been opened.

I realised I was making myself suffer and I didn’t need to - it is okay for me to want something and go and get it!

It sounds so obvious writing about it now but it was a reflection of just how closed down inside myself I had become.

So I got my new puppy and having him in my life got me back out into the world, meeting other dog walkers and sharing doggy stories, instead of being an onlooker wishing I had a dog.

More than that, he opened my heart to accepting and giving unconditional love...

This was the beginning of my decision to give myself permission to make myself happy, healthy and live my life!


Over the months I started to look for more connection with like-minded women, to get back in touch with the wild, nature loving woman deep inside of me.

I finally got the courage up to go and join a women’s circle and was blown away by the sense of belonging and support I found there, other women on similar journeys to get back to themselves.

It reinforced for me what I had come to understand that we must look inside as no one else can fix us!

In all the years past when I went to a therapist – be it massage, counselling, reiki whatever, I was looking for someone to fix me, to provide the magic bullet that would turn things around.

I now know that other people can only ever be like Jo a catalyst, an inspiration, a teacher and loving supporter, but I had to be the one to make the fundamental changes and be wiling to learn and change.

I had to love me and start to hear what my inner wild woman was saying to me...


I used to spend a lot of time obsessing about what my partner needed to do more of, less of, if only he did x,y or z then I would feel ok, our relationship would be ok.

Deep down I knew this was not really the answer and gradually when began to change and took more care of myself, I shifted the focus from him to me.

Instead of hiding away stirring up pots of resentment I was able to go and spend the time meditating, researching and being inspired by other women reconnecting with nature, enjoying my own company.

It gave us both space and I found myself feeling more loving, I didn’t have to put all that energy into thinking about how to fix things, letting it be worked just fine.

I started to be able to speak my mind, not stay silent for fear of causing trouble and because I was more relaxed we could talk about stuff with humour and compassion.

When I decided to go off on my own for a while my partner was all for it, understanding my deep need

for some solitude – I am heading off trusting in our relationship, knowing he will be there when I get back.

I also came to love and experiment with the food I ate, eating loads more simple fresh food and found I really enjoyed it, I started to have a bit more energy and felt less constricted by fitting in with what everyone else wanted to eat.


My body is slowly waking up, I am no longer trapped by pain and fear of making changes. Instead I know that though there is still a little way to go before I am fully fit again, I am able to gently encourage myself to accept the discomfort because it is just growing pains and will pass.

There is a beautiful story about a woman who was world weary and worn out.

She took herself off at the beginning of winter and hunkered down in a cave deep in the forest. She sat out the dark months, staring into the fire and dreaming of all she might become.

As the days grew lighter she felt her sinews creak and stir and knew it would soon be time to move.

One bright morning a wolf emerged from the cave and bounded off through the forest, out onto the open grassland and leapt across the river, shaking her tale with delight.

In a couple of days, I head off on my adventure, full of anticipation and a good measure of fear but so delighted to have made it happen and be able to shake my tail with delight too... Thank you, Jo! I would never have thought this possible... "

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Much Love Jo xx