I originally met with Jo to address issues I had regarding work and my self-worth / value.

Jo helped me realize that my core values and priorities were actually very different to what I had originally thought. I had been so focused on the job title and the salary that I hadn’t realized what was most important to me – starting a family and having a work / life balance. No wonder my life and job search was so much out of alignment: I was applying for high profile jobs, which after my first session I was now getting lots of interviews, but my gut kept telling me they weren’t the right fit for me. Jo helped me to appreciate and accept the fact that by wanting to start a family, I needed a job and environment that would support that. I ended up being offered (and accepted) a job which was created specifically with me in mind, with the salary I was looking for, in a company known for its work/life balance. The moment I got this clarity, the Universe presented me with the exact type of job I was looking for.

Jo is incredibly down-to-earth, warm, and her straight talking approach challenged me to reflect inward to figure out what truly mattered to me. It was incredible to see that once I was in alignment, how quickly the changes and results happened after these sessions.


"Attending your Law Of Attraction Workshop has shifted the whole energy of my being dramatically. It has rewired and reinforced how I speak to my self with love, how I care about myself and also speaking from a place of abundance rather than the old story of lack.

Accepting that it is great to be in joy, and even asking for more! I have been recovering from a back injury and the shift within my energy and how I have been healing has been profound, instead of focusing on the issue I have been congratulating myself on what a great job the rest of my body is doing and celebrating that this is the best i can do at this time.

After just one week I was able to walk again with no interruptions or pain. It feels as if this course is understood by the logical mind and also on a deeper cellular level to aid the body in remembering the joy and delight of being your true inner being, and to assist in the energetic flow throughout the whole body.

The course was a great mixture of movement, writing, listening, sharing our dreams, connecting with our inner being and a chance to discuss and energetically shift issues we face. I cant wait for the next course as the Law of attraction has brought so much abundance already. Blessings to your work Jo xx"


"Hi Jo, I can't really explained what has happened since attending your Law of Attraction workshop only that my life has literally transformed, by implementing your guidance I have manifested all kinds of things over the weekend,

A friend I haven't heard from for 2 months contacted me after I did the LOA work, literally within 3 hours after calling her in she called, plus I found my next car on the side of the road for sale after only 2 days of inviting it in and finally my wifi came on after days of problems, just after I'd said out loud as I was entering the room which it's in 'that I'm so happy we now have wifi'...and Bang it was working !

So much stuff that previously I'd have thought was unrealistic and I'm feeling so full up on life and this is working wonders with my clients and those I'm coming in to contact with, this energy is infectious.

I just want to say a Huge thank you for bringing such amazing energy and awareness into my life, I don't think life will ever be the same again."