Why Money Is Joyful ( Not Bad)

Would you believe me if I said money isn’t Bad – it’s JOYFUL ?

Not sure — then stop for a moment and truly think about the first time you held your own money in your hands.

  • Imagine how the cash smelt to you and how it felt in your hands as you counted it?
  • How your body felt as you moved it through your fingers and dreamt of saving it, using it to buy stuff, or to go places to embrace your freedom?
  • The FUN you had in the playing with in those moments and joy that it was yours …( *even if you were then told what to do with it)

How do you feel NOW?


My first real experience of having my own MONEY came from waitressing.

I was paid for having fun, meeting people, making friends, getting free cream cakes every Saturday and a brown envelope of cash which I used to buy stuff for my pony!

The job was as fun to me as getting the cash.

Then I would smell the cash, count it, collect it, play & dream with it

So the using of it was total enjoyment from beginning to end.

What was your first experience like?


However, over time I expect you stopped having a joyful experience.

Instead you began to accept the lies and illusions of those who had also forgotten the true energy of money.

So began to believe it that it must be hard won, stressful, feared and even that to have plenty makes you turn bad?

These negative beliefs create mental and emotional energetic walls against having it flowing freely & abundantly in your life.

A rejection vibe…which created exactly what you believed.

And naturally, you didn’t want to touch, use and share something that seemed negative.

So to protect yourself, you controlled it, so it couldn’t control you!


Yes, you are that POWERFUL !

Like most people it probably became a necessary evil in limited amounts you were just forced to deal with to get by in the world…

Instead of the powerful tool of wonder, creativity and pleasure that you once knew innately.

A delightful fuel could be used lovingly and naturally to support your needs and desires and help others.


The truth is money has never been BAD!

It is ALWAYS OUR perceptions & behaviours we place on it that define how we see it and what we allow in our lives!

We can stay trapped in a lower energy perspective around MONEY holding ourselves apart and fighting against ourselves trying to grow a successful business or improve our career.

Or we can reclaim our power with the JOY of money, and release the protective walls that are hindering not helping us.


The truth is, if like me, you have experience poverty or been deeply stressed about the lack of money, you will know that not having enough money causes far more pain, suffering & disempowerment to you and your life…

—- leaving you stifled in your joy, freedom and abundant loving expression.

When Money flows with an open heart, a conscious mind and the feelings of JOY that POSITIVE energy spreads as you use it for yourself and the benefit of others, and impacts and uplifts as it goes.

It is this expanded vibe that attracts more to you, over and over again, through a joyful energy economy that multiplies to support your prosperity in life?

Like with all manifesting you need to get into the open flow state before it can show up and that take refocusing and retuning those negative Money beliefs, because success cannot come from hardship.


Are you ready to return to YOUR truth you once knew of the JOY of Money and the dreams and potential of prosperity thats available to you?

If this resonates and you want to take the next step…

Then check out my Manifesting Programmes and reach out to find out more about how I can help you… 

Jo x