🦋 Natalie's STORY - m.e to empowered!

Natlaie 500

When I began working with Jo, I had been completely stuck.

I had been suffering from M.E. for 9 years, and throughout those years had spent every day exhausted and resting in bed, unable to work.

Expressing and freeing myself of all my hurt and angry feelings brought a great rush of energy with it.

Letting my emotions open up seemed to open up my energy supplies too!

My energy began to return gradually as the sessions went on.

I learned how to break the ingrained habit of stifling my feelings generally!

And found there was nothing to fear from allowing myself to feel my feelings and expressing them productively.

What I thought would be just a bit of guidance has turned out to be the most emotional, challenging, and utterly wonderful journey of my life.

From being long-term ill, out of work and in total despair less than 6 months ago...

I now find myself doing aerobics X-box games with the kids, wonderful coastal runs, working in a new job.

I would never have dreamed it.

It's been such an amazing turn-around

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Much Love
Jo xx