The 5 Waves Of Manifesting!

The #1 rule of the Law of Attraction is that it we are ALWAYS ATTRACTING & Manifesting…

As a conscious practitioner 25+ years  I’ve learnt that we move through manifesting cycles

— just like WAVES in the Ocean!

They come in a cycle of a five wave set…

And once we learn to work with them, instead of fighting them it makes manifesting what you want so much more effortless.


Manifesting means to make real.

And the undeniable truth is the Universe NEVER stops reflecting to us moment by moment both what we desire — and any emotional & mental ( energetic) resistance we may have to receiving and having it manifest in to physical reality.

The Universe responds to the combination of ALL our most potent and consistent thoughts & feelings that make up our Vibrational frequency.

Which we are continuously emitting like a radio transmitter and the Universe picks it up!

It then reflects it, like a mirror, back to us as ideas, inspiration, desire and guidance, feelings and physical manifestations, which show us if we aligned with the unfolding & receiving of our desires or NOT!


Luckily our desires need little effort because they’ve already happened naturally over our lifetime, as we have sifted & sorted through life!

So if you are NOW feeling a desire for something it is because it’s already lined up and ready for you vibrationally & the resources are ready to come together for you in the physical realm

=== so you just need to get ready to meet it!

To be the open and appreciative receiver of our desires in physical form is where we need to focus our efforts.

We have to be cleaning up our RECEPTIVE  frequency ( our thoughts & feelings ) to be in alignment with the NEW higher vibration of what we are desiring and the manifestation FLOW.

Once we understand this process though, we can stop fighting against it but instead GO WITH THE FLOW to get faster results and enjoy the unfolding!


The manifesting waves can happen on a micro level and macro level, so you may go through this 5 staged WAVE cycle within minutes, an hour, a day, a month and within a year on many different subjects at any time.

Whether we are feeling the desire to manifest a car parking space or have a new relationship, a career, job or business or develop our relationship with money, or move home etc…

Manifestation is the transformation from ” Idea, Desire to Reality” and it may take seconds, minutes, days, months, years depending on the level of resistance you personally have on the subject.

Which is why somethings just seem to “work out/line up” effortlessly and somethings don’t

— if you are NOT conscious of where you need to action in the manifesting process.


ALL manifesting from vibrational into the physical happens this way.

Some manifestations can take many cycles because you need to raise your vibrational frequency to a much bigger, richer, more abundant level on this subject than you were when you started – like raising the tide!

Cleaning up & aligning our frequency takes letting go of resistance to the physical manifestation appearing and arriving with ease! And often our resistance comes from old emotional wounds, doubting negative beliefs etc from the past!

So we need to let go of looking and feeling in the past and turn to look to the NEW, the future, the possibilities and potentials with FAITH and LOVE



In this lull period, it can seem and feel as though nothing is happening! You will feel either introspective, at peace and able to surrender. It is the calm after the storm, so it is the second stage.

The way has been cleared by the BIG WAVE that came before!

So it can feel like there is little energy in this phase, but in fact, it is a time to surrender to the Universe and allow it to do its part and gently build momentum.


This is when we start to see small ripples in our lives that reflect the shift that you are beginning to see signs of your desires, manifestations and FLOW. Just like small waves begin to appear in the ocean from here they build momentum. It can feel hopeful and exciting when we are consciously aware of the signs that appear. It is at this moment when we are aware that we are being met by the Universe that many people freak out, get over-excited and try to control and put a ton of resistance in the way and blocking the momentum.

This stage can trigger hindering beliefs of distrust & disappointment from our childhood and so we slow down the process. This is an opportunity to release the past and clean up our emotional and mental frequency.

The Universe will always show us either what we desire unfolding or the block in the way to having it, so we can clean it up and move forward to receive and create what we desire.


If we can stay open and relax and appreciative of the small waves by simply adjusting to any resistance, we will move to a new phase of the Tidal Push. This is caused by the energy pressure building within you being drawn to meet what you desire and coming to you.

It is the shift of the waves moving from smaller to far greater waves of emotional energy, but not manifesting in the physical. For everything starts from within.

It can feel intense, exciting and even uncomfortable in your body, like you want to take action but feel unsure for what and how.

This is the moment — NOT TO ACT!

This is where we must learn to be OK in the uncomfortable intense feelings. Think of it as though it is similar to building towards an orgasm!

We must not rush but instead stay as balanced as we can as the wave of energy is building.

This is a very clear sign that things are about the change in your life. Something is COMING to you and you to it – like a magnet force. If we act too soon we miss the moment and not have clarity as to how and where we need to take the next step.


The energy pressure gets a point where it builds until it breaks and turns into the bigger waves of manifestations that push you forward in your life.

As a result, will feel clarity and inspired action to go one way or another. You must trust this inspiration and inner wisdom and intuition ( your LOVE GPS) so that you can stay in the FLOW of your desires unfolding in your physical reality.


This point is both the beginning and the end of the cycle, as we quantum shift frequencies and receive the outcome! We can two types of outcome…a tidal crash or climax!

THE TIDAL CRASH is all about ascending emotional & vibrational frequency. Just as waves break, so too must the pressure break as we release the resistance and upgrade to the new higher frequency of that which we want to attract.

This result brings us closer to the physical embodiment of our manifestation – this happens mostly around subjects and desires we consider BIGGER where we have more resistance and are growing into! This crash will always bring with it physical endings if we need to release what is in the way of us receiving what we desire as well as the energy that no longer serves us – such as a relationship or a job ending.

This now makes way for the new cycle to begin again on a much higher & richer frequency that resonates with our SOUL desire to roll you forward to that which you desire.

MEETING THE BEACH: The second option is meeting the physical manifestation we desire as it arrives towards us. Just like the beach, It is there for us to meet it. Yet we can’t see it until we are close enough to simply roll towards it! It can feel like Divine Timing, but in fact, it is the aligning of the mutual energies/frequencies to meet with ease through the FLOW.



If this is resonating and you want to go deeper and take the next step…

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Jo x