A Life More Travelled - From Fear To Adventure [a guide to living happy]

Travel is either a surface experience from A to B, or a journey in which we immerse ourselves in each moment, revelling in the new possibilities it brings. How we approach LIFE is no different. Be guided away from your fear and resistance and embrace the adventure of living each day, with psychologist Jo Warwick, as she translates her funny and poignant reflections on travels around the world, into tools for living harmoniously and successfully with the Law Of Attraction.

Explore with her as she guides you through the core philosophy, mindset and practical life tools for your happiness and successful living everyday, through stories of her own observations and amazing experiences so far during her travel around the planet.

Travelling is a journey of exploration into the wider world and an internal journey within. It offers a chance to step out of the familiar and into new surroundings, to widen your mind and experience yourself and the world around you in wholly new ways.

It allows for easily uncovering fears, beliefs and resistance that may be holding us back in our day to day life, and the opportunity to set them free as we boldly, or sometimes with trepidation, step forward and gain confidence in our own capabilities.

To know oneself is to know others and the world, but we cannot always see ourselves in the familiar, as our focus becomes fixated on what we see and know, and how people respond to us.  Instead of how we feel and what gives us most joy as we move towards it.

The curious thing about travelling the globe is that the focus is all about oneself. We see things we like and dislike, but it is our personal experience that fascinates us and whether we wish to continue to see more of it or less. To know who we are and what rocks our world internally, so that when we return to the familiarity of home, we can take with us our open mind and new awareness to alter, create and expand our ways of living, so that it resonates and fits with what feels so good to our unique self.

Life is an ongoing journey externally and internally. Where we learn to grow, create and expand in who we are and who we share our lives with and what we enjoy doing. It is this full permission of travelling physically that helps us to get more capable in our skill of self-discovery and the tools for getting the most out of each journey.

Travelling anywhere can help you to live more fully. You don't have to go far and physically travel hundreds of miles, but you do need to step out of the familiarity of your surroundings to experience the joy of difference and contrast to uncover what rocks your world as an individual. You need to acknowledge that although we can share our journey with others it always remains an individual and personal experience.

My passion for travel is for both the exploration of different cultures and environments, as well as a love of new people, new experiences and self discovery. All of which has been the foundation to my own personal growth and inspiration for my writing.

I would like to say that for the last 5 years a big part of my travels and my way of connecting with new people around the world, as a host, has been using Airbnb and it is an awesome way to really connect in a country, feel at home and it has such a wide variety of places to stay that when I have wanted a change from the norm it has given me something extraordinary and amazing experiences.