Lean Into Your Fears

Lean Into Your Fears

I recently leaned into my FEAR and did it anyway …

Last week I spontaneously popped home to the Lake District for a few days and went off-grid…

it was everything I needed & more, as I faced a fear, I had claimed from someone else.

8 years ago I listened to someone else about their experience of driving the Hard Knott Pass, based on their driving capacity.

( a mountain pass across the middle of the LD with 30% ascent & descent + hairpin bends)

And allowed their fear about it to become mine & stop me driving it!

Leaning In To Your Fear

In 8 years of visiting & living there I have avoided it, letting it become a monster of a thing in my mind …& driving the long way round to places!

🏎️ Even though I’ve driven ALL the other LD passes, driven up tiny mountain roads in Italy, used to drive an HGV horse box all over the country & have driven at 180mph around Silverstone race track!

( a story I share in my life coaching book “A Life More Travelled: From Fear To Adventure”)

🚗I am an excellent driver, confident, have great spacial awareness & I really fucking love it!! ( *I was given an A+ for my driving at Silverstone by my racing instructor)

🚘Plus I am also very comfortable with my current car, which I also love!
So this trip I decided enough was enough & I was going to face this fear!

I’m so grateful I did…

Why Did I Wait So Long

“Why did I wait so long”

This picture is from the top, as you can see it was truly stunning up there and so much fun for me to drive…

Of course, there were moments …

Moments for me to put my tools & skills truly into action …

🆙 On the way up, as it got steep & tricky I felt my brain & inner self pull backwards, wanting to turn back…

but I took control of my mind ( “fear is the mind-killer”- as they say in Dune) and talked openly to myself that you HAVE to lean in, lean forward ( body & mind) and commit 💯- just like surfing a wave!

⬇️ On the way down the Universe then sent a perfect final test to truly face my fear …

Whilst on a 30% descent & on the final hairpin bend a group of motorcycles were hanging around blocking the path as one of the bikes had broken down … I was not sat leaning downhill — waiting!

I felt my anxiety levels increase as my mind wanted to worry that I would not be able to get out of there …

but instead of just sitting there & doing nothing I used my voice, spoke up & got things moving & with some guidance got around the final bend.

Now free to cruise down the rest of the mountain & gentle bends.

Feeling super fucking proud of myself!!!

What Did I Learn

It reminded me:

“Never listen to ANYONE else’s fear & anxieties about doing something in life because it only through their current & limited perspective & lack of belief in their own capacity”

  1. It will keep you STUCK, avoiding what you want & taking the faster route to get it!
  2. and you will never get to see what is really available to you when you step out of your comfort zone and rise up to a new perspective

✔️FACT: Only listen to people who are braver, bolder, confident & capable, people who get shit done — to inspire!

Of course, ALL of this absolutely translates also to being an Entrepreneur & having a successful business & rich life…there are moments when have to lean and face the anxiety and move forward.

Where in your life or business have you been living & listening to someone else’s FEAR perspective?

Jo xoxo

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