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Why Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy Is Essential To Healthy Relationships!

By Jo Warwick | Jun 22, 2020

Hi, Jo here, today I was out on my walk, and I went to one of my favourite places where I live in Cornwall. You can see behind me, there’s the sea, green hills, lush fields and a beautiful beach with dramatic cliffs and rock pools. For me, it’s like the perfect combination of masculine…

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Why We Need To Forgive The Masculine To Have A Healthy Relationship

By Jo Warwick | Jun 21, 2020

*WATCH THIS FIRST * We all have our own stories and emotions about MEN and the Masculine that can range from LOVE, Joy to Misogyny, Abandonment, Unavailability and Abuse. Yet we are all made up of Masculine and Feminine energies in varying degrees, no matter what our gender, race or sexual preference. Each energy within…

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You Are Worthy Of Love Now [You Deserve To Receive Abundantly]

By Jo Warwick | Jun 15, 2020

  Do you believe you’re worthy of having Love abundantly, with ease in your life and in your relationships? Do you currently allow LOVE, prosperity and joy to flow freely to you and from you? I can guess not, or not as much as you wish! Perhaps you want to and deep-down know this is…

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