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Why the 5 Love Languages Is Vital To Your Right Relationship!

By Jo Warwick | May 1, 2020

Have you ever had a relationship where you felt unmet, unnoticed or they didn’t seem to appreciate things you did for them? Maybe it left you feeling cross and hurt but the guy never really knew why you were upset? Did you know that it could have been because they didn’t speak the same LOVE…

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How To Be Naturally Attractive [and Stop Turning Other People Off!]

By Jo Warwick | Apr 23, 2020

 Why didn’t they call me? Why don’t they want to meet up? You just can’t seem to meet a guy or if you do nothing gets past the first or second date. It feels so confusing and you’re slightly concerned there is something wrong with you! In truth, there might be! ( Only kidding!) They’re not…

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Feel Instantly Secure, Relaxed & Confident; Without Being Dependent On Someone else

By Jo Warwick | Apr 6, 2020

Being squeezed by life can really test our ability to feel secure and at peace.When we have strong external forces, such as other peoples fears, actions, things beyond our control, it can feel like a storm and sometimes that storm can be more personal storm with physical illness. Yet we must weather it… The same…

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