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What Are 3 Most Important Things I Wish I Knew About LOVE Sooner!

By Jo Warwick | Apr 6, 2020

What are the 3 most important things I wish I knew about LOVE sooner! 1) That Love is an abundant universal energy That I could tap into everywhere and on my own and was not dependant on another person…¬† Even though I was born with spiritual healing gifts and insight around energy, I’d still been…

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Why Was I Afraid Of Having Love & Prosperity?

By Jo Warwick | Feb 1, 2020

“I’m scared that if I open up and allow more physical manifestation of prosperity and Love – I will feel lonely and cold again…” Sounds insane even writing it, but this unconscious belief kept controlling my life and holding me in lack and poverty! We cant see, what we can’t see and only know what,…

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Happy Endings Do Not Come From Fear & Lack

By Jo Warwick | Mar 25, 2019

I longed for recognition for all my hard work…. I had given of myself fully. I’d struggled and strived. I had been a good girl and done my best to make other people happy, but here I stood with nothing that made me happy! I had not achieved the accolades I desired, the money, the…

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