"I spent many years living in a dark place, feeling alone, like no one understood me and was living my life trying to please others. Working with Jo was nothing like I had expected. It gave me the passion and desire to change my life.

I started working with Jo hoping to finish with a perfect life and nothing would ever be bad or hard again. Now I realise that it is more like training, giving you the tools you need to deal with everything life throws at you and so you have the belief in yourself that you can cope and be happy. I no longer feel the need to beat myself up after every mistake. I now have the strength and confidence to start living my own life again. Getting Jo’s help has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has challenged me and made me see things in a way I never thought possible.”


"I was in such a dark space. I seemed to have everything going for me ~ loving wife, two lovely boys, successful business and friends. There was little love though between my wife and I. I found it hard to show love and affection to my children and I wasn't even sure how to be a friend anymore, or who were my friends.

I was stuck, frozen, and unable to communicate in almost every walk of my life. I was pretending to be strong, but was usually terrified of everything and everybody. Sometimes I had to walk past a friend's front door or a pub because I was so frighten. I still feel that way sometimes but Jo has taught me to always step forward, which mostly, nearly always I do now.

After trying therapy unsuccessfully before, I found Jo and set about the process of working together. For a while though it was something of a battle...I was so afraid and deep down didn't think I was worthy, that somehow I was built wrong, so I resisted and tried to stay stuck in my head and out of touch with my body ~ something which I had specifically remember asking Jo for help with.

Slowly we went through my life. Bit by bit I was able to unblock inside and slowly learn to love myself again - that 'I matter'. Jo has helped me become better at loving my family and friends which has now given more than hope for the future. I am interested in life again and look forward to what is to come rather than being afraid. The sun now shines in my heart and I am so proud to have had the courage, to have been brave enough to find myself. I am so grateful for her help in bringing back to life again”


"I was small and scared and in the dark. I was full of powerless anger like shouting at someone through the glass. I distanced myself from people more and more. I was so tired of shouting and scared I could no longer control it.

One day I woke up and realised I had nothing. My friends were gone, my family were distant and happiness wasn't even a memory. I cried for the first time since I was a child; I sobbed at my own pitiful state and knew I had to get help.

Although this has been the hardest, scariest and most sorrowful journey of my life, Jo reflected to me the truth of how far I had gone from where I thought I was. How could I have got so lost?

But I got through it as I know you will ~ Trust me you will be fine, just have faith in yourself. I found the help that was right for me and honestly I can say I am HAPPY. I appreciate the relationships in my life more than I ever thought possible. I am brave, open and honest, and share my emotions with people. I now feel love and give it freely; I can't explain how fantastically comfortable and enjoyable that feels. I am truly grateful to Jo for helping me.”


"Jo has challenged my negative beliefs about myself and the world with compassion and love. She is also supportive, empathic and creative in using sometimes surprising therapeutic techniques and approaches to help and heal. She has taught me that change and growth is never easy has encouraged and supported me to unearth and integrate parts of myself I had lost, to find an inner strength I didn’t know I had and appreciate my masculinity.

I have emerged as a stronger, wiser and more contented man. I now face the future with excitement, curiosity and love.”


"When I met Jo, I had lost all trust. I did not trust the world, my thoughts, feelings and felt deeply uncomfortable with who I was and in my body. Working with her, I learnt the difference between self-loving and self-sacrificing behaviour, which has had the biggest effect on my life. I developed the confidence to do more, trust myself and learnt how to express myself in a way that feels good to me. I now attract very kind, caring and loving situations, instead of pain and even took the brave leap to take my first big trip of a lifetime. Thank you Jo, I am so grateful!”


  "When I first met Jo I was in a desperate situation. I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall. More importantly, I was so scared about the damage I thought I was doing to my family. The skills and understanding of myself I have learnt through working with Jo will stay with me forever. My hope is that I will nurture my children in the way I have been nurtured by Jo. I have learnt to start accepting and loving myself; that I am important and worth it. I value my relationship with Jo and feel her impact on me has been massive and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much."


"I was aware that something was very wrong in my life - to feel so sad and empty when I have two lovely children and a husband who is the love of my life. The process has been hard at times. Over the past 3 months, we explored many painful issues, but I now feel so much kinder to myself, and aware that I don't want to perpetuate that "controlling" micromanaging" trait that I learnt in my childhood. 

I feel in such a different place. Calmer, much less self-critical, more open to new things and there is more space in my life for me and for me and my husband. I feel excited to be starting what I think of as my third trimester in such a positive way. I notice that I sleep really well now - I always slept badly, worrying about many issues. There is a tremendous sense of having let go of so many negative feelings which were weighing me down. 

I look physically different facially, my face used to be strained, lined, anxious with sad, dead eyes (despite a smiling mouth). Now I look softer, prettier, more attractive (which has been commented on), but above all happier and more sparkly. All of my relationships have also changed for the better. My daughter said the other day; "mum I can tell the change in you, you are calmer, stronger and I no longer feel responsible for you"  I no longer feel I need to sort out their problems for them. I also no longer feel responsible for my husband’s lifestyle choices ~ he is his own man and does not need me to manage his life. I have noticed that since I stopped mothering him our sex life has hotted up too...I am looking forward now with optimism and a more youthful joyfulness to the rest of my life.


"Jo has enabled me to think about and feel my authentic self. Before I believed that I was resilient and quite secure. I believed I could ‘deal’ with all that life could throw at me; my adoption, rejection, cancer, separation/divorce. What I discovered over a period of time was that my way of coping; looking after other people, being detached emotionally from others, my lack of intimacy even with close family members; was a strategy to keep myself safe and mask my fear. I'm different now. I am discovering that feeling more and thinking less is helping me discover the true me. Jo challenged me, helped me identify and recognise behaviours that in the past have been destructive; holding me back from the joy and happiness that I am and can experience. I am learning to trust, care and ask for help. I am learning to acknowledge the fear that for far too long has held me prisoner.”


“I was amazed at the impact Jo had on me and how immediately we got to the core issues. I’d had a bit of counselling before and done lots of personal development but nothing like this…Over the months I raged and cried and get angry with her and myself and everyone and admitted to feelings I’d never acknowledged before. And she just let it go! I’d want to run away from the feelings and package them back up and hide them away again and put my brittle mask back on because it was safer. But she kept making me take the wretched thing off again and again. It hurt to really face the truthful pain and sadness of my childhood and early adulthood.

But then one day, it started to hurt less… In one session Jo encouraged me to remember how I tapped into my own happiness as a little girl – playing in the garden, smelling the plants and grass, feeling the sun, touching the flowers and the bark on the trees, and it opened up my real self who had got buried somewhere.
Since then, we’ve being toing and froing - she kept me focused on growing and growing; even when I’ve wandered off back into my head, as I still tend to do sometimes.

But more and more the world outside has become available to me – I can see it, feel it and really experience it and be here, right now at this moment; on my own or with other people. And whatever happens now, thanks to Jo, (the good mother I didn’t have) and the work we’ve done together I know it’s all going to be OK!

Instead of standing in the dark, looking at a glimmer of light in the distance, I’m now standing in the sunshine.”